Deceit Update v2021.2.2 Buffs Stamina and Give Players More XP, Patch Notes Here

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Deceit, the multiplayer horror game by the developer, Baseline, received a small update today. The update doesn’t add any new content, however, it made a few changes and also fixed multiple bugs. The patch marked the end of the 4th Birthday Event that took place a few days ago.

The duration and regen rate of stamina for the day is now increased by 25%. Stamina will also refill when the player respawns or goes to the next floor, which is very helpful. Two small rooms are added to the middle floor of the map Asylum. Completing a generator at night will now give players ten more XP. Speaking of XP, players will receive experience points when they hack terminals, hit targets, or pull levels.

Check out the complete patch notes below.

Changes and Fixes

  • Our 4th Birthday Event has officially ended. Thanks for celebrating with us!
  • Increased both the duration and regeneration rate of stamina during the day by 25%. We'll continue to keep an eye on how stamina feels during the day and adjust as necessary.
  • Stamina now instantly regenerates when you respawn or travel to the next floor.
  • Interactions are now only canceled when damaged by another player, rather than when hit.
  • Resolved several map exploits in the Lumberyard.
  • Added two new small rooms on the middle floor of the Asylum.
  • Reduced the number of lights used in the Arctic map to improve performance.
  • Increased the XP awarded for completing a Generator at night by 10.
  • Hacking terminals, hitting targets, and pulling levers now all award the player with XP.
  • The "Vote" waypoint no longer displays when using the Shoot-To-Vote option.
  • Innocents are now warned that they're "Making Noise" when sprinting during the day. As a reminder, whilst "Making Noise" the Infected can see your position.
  • Added location labels to the Arctic's minimap.
  • Updated our translations thanks to our Community Translators.
  • [FIXED] Players are occasionally re-downed if already downed when transitioning to the next floor.
  • [FIXED] Several First Person animations didn't play as intended when reloading or jumping.
  • [FIXED] Your Infected Partner's rotation on the minimap is incorrect.
  • [FIXED] Occasionally Infected players can receive double blood for their partner being eliminated.
  • [FIXED] Using Quick Chat will stop your current interaction and stop you from using Voice Chat.
  • [FIXED] Players can't hear their own footsteps when playing a female character.
  • [FIXED] Players occasionally spawn under the map on the Lumberyard.
  • [FIXED] The Arctic's minimap doesn't show all items available in that area, only that floor.

Changes Released Since Last Patch

  • [FIXED] A server crash that happened around when someone used an Antidote.
  • [FIXED] Occasionally certain regions will experience reduced matchmaking functionality.

The patch notes are mentioned on the official site as well.

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