Deceit February 19 Update Includes New Character Images, Bug Fixes, and More

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Deceit developer Baseline recently released a new update that makes some changes and fixes tons of bugs. Both the cosmetics from the loot booth and the profile have been removed along with Valentine's mini-event. Character images have been added to the quick vote interface, which makes it much easier to identify the player.

A bug where the player could interact with others by reviving or voting while the player was downed is now fixed. Before, multiple areas that were supposed to be out of bounds, like the lumberyard's shower area and the forest's final area, among others, were accessible to players. With the patch, players should no longer have access to these areas.

Deceit update 19.02.2021

Patch Notes

  • The Valentine's mini-event has ended, removing the cosmetics from the Loot Booth & the Profile.
  • Quick Votes can now be canceled by either reviving the player being voted on or having the day timer run out (either naturally or by smashing a Fuse Box).
  • With the introduction of vote canceling, the limit on how many votes can be called has been removed.
  • Character images have been added to the Quick Vote interface.
  • The last five seconds of the Day Period no longer stop votes from being started or Fuse Boxes from being interacted with.
  • Discussions will now only start once everyone has voted in the Quick Vote, or the voting time runs out. If there are enough votes to eliminate a player the Discussion won't start.
  • Improved the visuals of the interaction prompt.
  • Further improved our metrics for determining why some players are unable to properly connect to games.
  • Improved how we handle our communication with Steam in order to mitigate any issues caused by Steam being under load.
  • Updated our translations thanks to the Community Translators in Discord .
  • The Valentines Rose melee weapons are given a blue outline to the Infected.
  • The in-game chat box cuts off the end of sentences.
  • Transforming into Terror form on top of a Trap will cause you to be a "Terror" in Human form.
  • Players are able to interact with other players (voting / reviving) whilst being downed.
  • Re-pressing "V" doesn't close the Quick Vote interface.
  • Players are presented with the Revive & Quick Vote interaction prompts before they're actually able to interact with the downed player.
  • After being downed, players need to re-press one of WASD in order to move again on spawn.
  • Pressing 'Q' interrupts channeled interactions.
  • Some consumable items are unable to be picked up in the Asylum.
  • Players are able to access areas of the map that they shouldn't be able to in the Asylum's Swimming Pool, the Lumberyard's Shower area & Forest's final area.
  • Players are sometimes unable to interact with the Laptop in the Lumberyard's Shower area.

You can read more about the update here.

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