Deceit February 5 Update Patch Notes: Additional Voice Lines, Better Connection, and Bug Fixes

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Deceit February 5 Update is now available for download. The update brings minor changes to the game along with several bug fixes. A few Game Master voice lines have been added back, while the rotation animation for female characters is now much better. The network connection of the game is also improved so that players don’t leave the match after loading.

However, the blood gained when your infected partner is defeated is reduced by 200, from 1,000 to 800. You can now mute players by using the ‘Q’ menu.

Patch Notes

  • Re-added some Game Master voice lines when players are taking items.
  • Traps will now be activated once they're visually placed on the floor & you've heard the priming audio. The animation length has also been reverted to the original timing, fixing the audio desync, but the time for the Trap to activate is the same.
  • Female characters will now correctly rotate when standing still and looking around.
  • Adjusted the connection logic to our game servers to reduce the likelihood that players fail to get past the loading screen.
  • Further improved our backend metrics to help reduce the occurrences of games failing to start. Alongside this, we've also made some adjustments to reduce the frequency of this occurring based on our previous metric additions.
  • Reduced the blood gained from your Infected partner being eliminated from 1,000 -> 800.
  • You can now use the 'Q' menu to mute players, and view the current map, whilst the Infected select their partner & Terrors.
  • [FIXED] After using the antidote, or lethal, the item is placed on a hidden 1-second cooldown.
  • [FIXED] Players can very rarely use the antidote, causing it to be removed from their inventory, and have the bleeding out player not be revived.
  • [FIXED] Traps don't damage the Infected in Terror form if they were the one to place them.
  • [FIXED] Occasionally items aren't removed from the inventory after using them (for example, the Camera being left at 0% charge)
  • [FIXED] Using a Tracker when owning 2 of them will cause both to disappear.
  • [FIXED] If a player trades an item for another item, then re-collects their original item later on, they will have more ammo than intended.
  • [FIXED] Downing a player whilst they're crouched will cause them to be 'downed' but standing up.
  • [FIXED] Infected players can incorrectly sometimes gain double the intended blood for their partner being eliminated.
  • [FIXED] If the Infected level up multiple times in one go they will only get 1 execution, instead of multiple.
  • [FIXED] The map on 'Q' is incorrect until you move to a new area after waking up.
  • [FIXED] Picking up Armour at night will play your character's voice line.
  • [FIXED] Taking an item from a crate at night will play your character's voice line.
  • [FIXED] Taking someone else's item from a crate will cause your character to play their voice line.
  • [FIXED] Tasks related to using Double Objectives, or collecting items from them, don't progress.

You can read the complete patch notes on the official site as well.

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