Dead by Daylight: Team Reveals Anti-Cheating Plans

Going after the cheats.
Going after the cheats. Behaviour Interactive

Cheating remains one of the main problems in a lot of video games. Developer Behaviour Interactive is currently working on measures to prevent cheating on its game, Dead by Daylight.

In a post, the Dead by Daylight team revealed that they've been getting feedback from players, especially cheating. The team added that they're aware of what's happening and are "treating it very seriously."

The team went on to say that they usually try to stay quiet when it comes to cheating to avoid giving those who develop cheats vital information. However, the team is now sharing some of the things that they've been working on.

Current Anti-Cheat Measures

The team assured players that when it comes to cheaters, they have zero tolerance. Once a player is found cheating, their account is banned permanently from the game. These are the ways the team is addressing cheats:

  • Automated bans
    • The team works with its anti-cheat partner, Easy Anti-Cheat, to report and track new cheats.
    • If the anti-cheat detects one of these being used, they are automatically banned.
  • In-game countermeasures
    • The team is making changes to both the game client and dedicated servers to prevent cheaters from doing certain things.
    • This should lessen the impact of cheats while also reducing the amount of damage they can do.
  • Manual bans
    • The team investigates reports submitted by players and manually blocks cheaters.
    • This is crucial, particularly when a new cheat has not yet been tracked by the anti-cheat.

According to the team, they have banned more than 2,000 cheaters over the last seven days. This brings the total to more than 200,000 players banned.

Future Plans

The team revealed that moving forward, they will improve the game further against cheaters. This is to be done in four ways.

The first is to continue identifying and fixing vulnerabilities to limit the impact of cheating, including extra measures to prevent player sniping. The second step is to introduce fail safes to game portions that are usually exploited. For example, suppose a match continues even after the game ends for more than five minutes, then the game is forcibly ended. In addition, the maximum game time is lowered from two hours to about one hour or even less.

The third step is to continue implementing server-side validation where possible. This should take away the authority from a cheater’s game client and put it on a dedicated server. Hopefully, it makes cheating even more difficult.

The last is to improve the player support tools so that cheats are better dealt with internally. The team is working on an in-game report system where feedback is given whether a player reported was banned.

What about you? What are your thoughts on these anti-cheat measures?

Dead by Daylight is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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