Dead by Daylight Introduces Balance Changes to Demogorgon and Huntress

A lot of changes.
A lot of changes. Behaviour Interactive

The latest update for Dead by Daylight reveals a lot of new things. Dubbed as the Mid-Chapter Update, Patch 4.7.0 provides visual updates not only for The Doctor but also for the Coldwind Farm Realm. Balance changes are made as well and they include The Huntress, The Demogorgon, and The Twins.

Watch Out for the Twins

The update now widens the window when it comes to counterplay, especially when players try to go after multiple survivors with Victor. In addition, it has been found out that the Ultra Rare add-ons were underperforming so their bonuses were increased. Changes include:

  • Charlotte can now rotate while waking up.
  • Victor's successful Pounce cooldown is increased to five seconds.
  • Victor can now move during the successful Pounce cooldown.
  • Silencing Cloth grants Undetectable for 20 seconds instead of 12 seconds.
  • Iridescent Pendant inflicts Exposed for 30 seconds, up from 12 seconds.

Going for the Hunt

The Huntress is one of the older killers in the game that had incorrect add-on rarities, which has been fixed by the update. Some add-ons, in particular, have been improved so they offer more interesting effects. These are:

  • Berus Toxin becomes Yellowed Cloth: +10% Hatchet flight speed.
  • Coarse Stone: The grunts of pain from hit targets are increased by 50% until they are fully healed.
  • Amanita Toxin: Hit target suffers from the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds, increased from 30 seconds.
  • Deerskin Gloves: Now Rare.
  • Fine Stone becomes Weighted Head: Hit target suffers from the Incapacitated status effect for 10 seconds.
  • Yew Seed Brew is now Wooden Fox: Now Very Rare; grants the Undetectable status effect for 10 seconds after reloading.
  • Yew Seed Concoction is now Rose Root: +20% Hatchet flight speed.
  • Pungent Fiale is now Soldier's Puttee: Now Ultra Rare; The Huntress moves 4.6 m/s when she has no Hatchets.
  • Venomous Concoction: Inflicts Exhausted status for five seconds from 90 seconds.
  • Iridescent Head: Prevents carrying more than one Hatchet.

The One from Stranger Things

In this new update, the portals of The Demogorgon have been adjusted to make them more usable while also giving a bit more health. For Power, the adjustments are:

  • Traverse the Upside Down cooldown: Reduced to 10 seconds from 14 seconds.
  • Normal Traverse the Upside Down velocity: Now at 20 m/s from 17 m/s.
  • Undetectable lasts three seconds after Traversing the Upside Down.
  • Movement speed while charging Shred increased from 3.68 m/s to 3.86 m/s.

You can view the complete patch notes here. So what do you think?

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