The Cycle: Frontier Patch 2.5.0 Invites Players to Aurum Harvest Festival

Patch 2.5.0
Patch 2.5.0 YAGER Studios

Players are invited to the Aurum Harvest Festival in The Cycle: Frontier Patch 2.5.0, now available on Steam.

When players log in today until November 29, they will receive a bunch of amazing goodies, including 500 Aurum, a Phasic Lancer Anubis weapon skin, a Meteor Shard weapon charm, and a Phasic Lancer skin.

What’s more, items found in The Cycle: Frontier’s in-game shop are currently sold at discounted prices, so players can spend the free 500 Aurum right away if they wish.

Aside from the free stuff, Patch 2.5.0 brought some gameplay improvements as well. For instance, weapon attachments can now be equipped from any source simply by dragging and dropping them onto the player’s weapon of choice.

Those who were anticipating that this update would bring back Hunter Vision will be dissatisfied. This is because the aforementioned perk remains disabled indefinitely until the bugs are fixed. Don’t worry, the devs said that this is one of their top priorities, so perhaps a fix may arrive soon.


  • KOR-47
    • Reduced damage per shot from 13 to 12.
    • Increased vertical recoil by about 35%.
    • Increased horizontal recoil by about 20%.
  • We've reduced the maximum amount of players that can roam a single instance of Bright Sands by 1.
  • We've fiddled with our early matchmaking values a bit. New Prospectors will have an easier time on the surface.
  • You will now be able to sort items in shops and when using crafting stations.
  • Turning and rotating in place will now produce footstep sounds instead of making you look like a spinning ghost.
  • Rattlers took some vitamins. They won't flinch as easily when first running into them but will be easier to stagger after that.
  • Striders and Marauders also got a nice cup of coffee and won't freeze into place after attacking a bit too far from their designated spots.
  • Crushers on the other hand had some proper sleep and won't act erratically when Prospectors get out of their sights.
  • Improved the cheating compensation feature a bit to prevent situations where it wouldn't compensate players properly.
  • Night Vision could be kept permanently by mashing its bound key while looking through a weapon scope. This has been fixed for the sake of everyone's eyeballs.
  • Fixed some clipping issues between backpacks and some Prospector models. No, you can't fit a whole Prospector inside the bag.
  • Fixed more clipping issues when using some specific emotes.
  • As is tradition, made more supposedly inaccessible places actually inaccessible.
  • Players won't go through a server-wide earthquake anymore when someone fails to open a locked door.
  • Batteries will now spawn as they should in the Osiris Research Facility on Tharis Island.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented using some properly unlocked Prospectors.
  • The Paladin Battle Blade will now be what it claims to be: a Paladin Battle Blade.

The Cycle: Frontier Patch 2.5.0 is available on PC.

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