The Cycle: Frontier Developer Disables Hunter Vision Again Just Days After Recent Update

Patch 2.4.0
Patch 2.4.0 Twitter/@TheCycleGame

Patch 2.4.0 for the PvPvE extraction shooter The Cycle: Frontier was launched a couple of days ago. This update re-enabled the Hunter Vision perk after it had been unavailable for a while. However, developer YAGER Studios decided to disable it again.

For those who don’t know, the Hunter Vision is a perk in The Cycle: Frontier that gives players a sort of “wall hack” to let them see through walls, providing them with crucial details about who or what is beyond the barrier.

That said, the YAGER Studios team recently tweeted that they’ve disabled Hunter Vision once more. The reason for this is that the team discovered a few exploits since the perk was brought back in Patch 2.4.0.

In a follow-up tweet, the dev team stated they’re not giving up on the perk and that they’re committed to finally fixing it soon. They’re looking to bring it back in Patch 2.5.0, which hopefully, arrives sooner than later.

Despite the removal of Hunter Vision, the recently released Patch 2.4.0 still has plenty to offer. Some of the major changes can be found below:

Patch Highlights

  • There have been some improvements to the general "rattiness" of the Tharis caverns. These are just our first steps towards improving Tharis island and you can expect more changes in future patches.
  • A number of dark corners have been smoothed and/or illuminated.
  • There's been a general reduction of stuff to hide behind in the pit.
  • A handful of locations that caused you to die from the Void when trying to pick up gear have been adjusted, so you can claim your hard-earned rewards without fear of a big one-way drop.
  • We increased the frequency of the storm on Tharis Island, so the Forge will be available more often. Time before storm phases has been reduced by 9 minutes for now, but we are looking into other additional adjustments in the future.
  • We have changed the player report workflow, simplifying the whole player report process. This is based on your feedback, so make sure to tell us how it feels now!
  • Scrip stack size is increased from 1,000 to 10,000.
  • We have reduced the fog in some parts of our maps.
  • Loot value for the Crusher Caverns has been increased with new loot containers. As a result, the amount of monsters was adjusted as well. Cherry on top, the boss was made harder as well.
  • Some vanity items got their price adjusted.
  • There are some smaller adjustments on how the matchmaking works for both trusted and untrusted servers.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

So, what can you say about the dev team disabling Hunter Vision again?

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