Core Keeper: Patch 0.4.2 Adds Hard Mode to Dedicated Servers

Sunken Sea Update
Sunken Sea Update Twitter/@CoreKeeperGame

A new minor update for the mining sandbox adventure game Core Keeper is now available. Patch 0.4.2 adds a few quality-of-life improvements to the game.

Part of the reason why Core Keeper is a successful title is that players are given the ability to host their own dedicated servers. Patch 0.4.2 just implemented a couple of improvements to this feature. First, dedicated servers now have a hard mode setting that allows hosts to make the game more difficult if they want to.

Second, direct connections are now supported on dedicated servers. This essentially means that players can connect to a host over a private network through LAN or VPN, thereby greatly improving connection performance. This is a good thing for those who want to play Core Keeper at LAN parties, for example.

Another QoL change implemented is that players are now immune to damage while the game is still loading. This change is meant to prevent unfair deaths since players cannot do anything until game elements are fully loaded.

Here is the full changelog for Patch 0.4.2:

  • Fixed an issue with Acid Larva not having increased damage in hard mode.
  • Fixed the duration of the melee damage and attack speed buffs from cooked Pinegrapples to be 5 minutes as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where portals far away from any player would not continue to activate.
  • Fixed an issue where players could teleport to portals that were not yet activated.
  • Fixed an issue where electronic circuits being turned off/on would sometimes affect nearby other circuits.
  • Fixed an issue where players could leave their boat while connecting to the world.
  • Fixed spelling issues on some items.
  • Fixed an issue with the Polished Scarlet Chunk Necklace disappearing when crafted.
  • Fixed an issue with the talent that makes Anvil items less expensive and not working correctly.
  • Bubble Crab no longer drops the Tentacle Trophy.
  • The chest found in the Forlorn Metropolis sewers scene now contains loot.
  • Added 6 missing valuables to the Sunken Sea biome.
Networking/Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed an issue where players could get connection errors with internet servers while running another server on the local network.

In other news, Core Keeper has hit 1 million in sales recently. To celebrate this milestone, the developers are giving players a chance to win two Steam keys. Click here to learn more.

Core Keeper Patch 0.4.2 is available on PC.

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