Core Keeper: Sunken Sea Update Now Available

Sunken Sea Update
Sunken Sea Update Twitter/@CoreKeeperGame

The first major content update for Core Keeper is finally here. The Sunken Sea update introduces a lot of new things, including a new biome, titan boss, and portals, among many others.

This major content patch adds the new Sunken Sea biome in Core Keeper. To access this place, you must beat the first three bosses in the game, namely Glurch the Abominous Mass, Ghorm the Devourer, and the Hive Mother. After defeating them, you can now lower the mysterious wall that separates you and the new biome. Here, you will find the sub-biome called the Forlorn Metropolis and the new titan boss, Omoroth the Sea Titan.

Portals have also been introduced in the Sunken Sea update. Basically, you just place the portals down on any part of the map and you can teleport to them. Keep in mind that portals can only be used 20 minutes after placing them down. Hopefully, this gets reduced in a future patch.

New Boss: Omoroth the Sea Titan
New Boss: Omoroth the Sea Titan Steam


  • Morpha the Aquatic Mass (side boss)
  • 5 New enemies: Bubble Crab, Slippery Slime Blob, Tentacle, Caveling Scholar, Core Sentry
  • New Fishing Merchant found in Azeos' Wilderness
  • New mushroom-like enemy that spawns in the Dirt Biome and from Fungal Growth (Fungal Growth will only generate in worlds created after the update)
  • Octarine workbench with new tools, crafting, and base building options
  • Boats
  • New Jewelry workbench allows players to craft new jewelry
  • A Table Saw can be crafted at the Electronics Table that allows players to cut wood into planks
  • Added a Fishing Merchant Idol to Azeos' loot drops that allow the Fishing Merchant to move into the player's base
  • Sprinklers that can be crafted at the Automation Table
  • Vanity slots. A Dresser can be crafted at the Carpenter Bench in which players can change what equipment is visually shown on their character
  • Bait Workbench for crafting baits
  • Map markers that can be placed on the map
  • Players can now eat food, drink potions, place objects, and fight while in a minecart or a boat
  • Octarine Ore
  • 10 new weapons
  • 7 new offhands
  • 20 rings and necklaces
  • 24 new armor pieces
  • 20+ new decorative objects
  • 3 new plants
  • 2 new types of food
  • 5 new fishes
  • New valuables
  • New legendary ranged weapon
  • Baits that can be held in the off-hand slot while fishing for different bonuses

Core Keeper Sunken Sea Update is available on PC.

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