Conqueror's Blade Now Accepting Registration for Content Creator Program

Time for quality content.
Time for quality content. Booming Tech

A Content Creator Program is set to be launched for Conqueror's Blade. The program aims to invite content creators to make high-quality Conqueror's Blade content. Registration started March 30 and runs until April 10,

Here are the requirements to be part of the program:

  • Video creator:
    • Has 200+ followers.
    • Created at least 10 videos during the previous season.
    • Has above 150 views on average for each Conqueror's Blade-related video.
  • Streamer:
    • Has 200+ followers.
    • Streamed at least 60 hours during the previous season.
    • Has more than 30 viewers on each Conqueror's Blade stream.
  • Strategy Pioneer
    • Have created Conqueror's Blade strategy guides or related articles, including those about units, beginner's guides, etc.

Some of you are probably interested and wondering what you can get out of the program. The benefits are:

  • Communicate Directly with the Developer
    • Content Creators are added to an exclusive Creator chat where they can talk directly with the dev team.
  • ​Exclusive Gift Code
    • Content Creators can share their own gift code with their fans while they stream or in their videos.
    • Content Creators fans can claim extra rewards from within the "O" menu.
  • ​PTR Testing
    • Content Creators are eligible to join in PTR testing for new seasons during the program.
    • This means they can experience the newest content before anyone else.
  • CBL Streaming Qualification
    • Content Creators can earn even more rewards if they join CBL as a caster.
  • Twitch Drops Support (only applicable to content creators on Twitch)
    • For those who have at least 200 followers on Twitch, cooperate with the team for more than two months.

Item Rewards

For rewards, Streamers or Video Creators who can stream at least 60 hours per season with each stream having at least 30 viewers, or create 10 original Conqueror's Blade-related videos having more than 150 average views get these:

  • Sovereign x2,000
  • 30-Day Premium Account


Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if the Content Creators didn’t have to do much. As such, in addition to coming out with content regularly, the dev team is also asking for help with:

  • Feedback/Bug Feedback
    • As content creators, they are in a position where they can represent players and directly provide the dev team with feedback or bug reports.
  • ​Help guide newer players, be active in the community, and help keep it active.

Learn more about the Content Creator Program here.

Conqueror’s Blade is available on PC.

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