Pre-registration for Mobile Game Echoes of Mana Now Live

Time for a new adventure.
Time for a new adventure. Square Enix

Pre-registration for the upcoming action RPG Echoes of Mana is now live. This free-to-play mobile game offers an original story that brings together new and beloved characters of the series. It’s available on Android and iOS.

Players who pre-register get special in-game rewards once the game officially launches later this year. There are also rewards to be given at launch based on the number of players who pre-registered. These include:

  • Pre-registrations: 50,000
    • Reward: Spirit Crystal x800
  • Pre-registrations: 100,000
    • Reward: Spirit Crystal x900
  • ​Pre-registrations: 150,000
    • Reward: 3-Star Primm (Boomerang) x1
  • ​Pre-registrations: 200,000
    • Reward: Spirit Crystal x1,000
  • ​Pre-registrations: 300,000
    • Reward: 4-Star Memory Gem illustrated by HACCAN x1

Echoes of Mana is part of the Mana series, also known in Japan as Seiken Densetsu. The series has spanned multiple entries for almost three decades, known mainly for its enchanting characters, story, and music. The series is also seen as the one responsible for introducing the action-oriented approach to traditional JRPG combat.

In the game, players awaken surrounded by nothingness except for one tree. This is the Mana Tree, considered as the source of all life. However, it appears that this tree is soon to disappear. The only thing that can save it is the Mana Sword.

Guided by the Mana Goddess, players must venture into patchwork worlds, meet friends and fight foes both familiar and brand new as they piece together memories through the Echoes of Mana. The characters that have been revealed so far are:

  • Echoes of Mana
    • Quilto & Quilta
    • Duffle
    • Honeycomb
    • Baashear
    • Blainchet
    • Raxa
    • Mousseline
    • Lady Moti
    • Watts
    • Mana Goddess
    • Ebon Knight
  • Adventures of Mana
    • Sumo
    • Amanda
    • Dark Lord
    • Julius
  • Secret of Mana
    • Randi
    • Primm
    • Popoi
    • Thanatos
  • Trials of Mana
    • Duran
    • Angela
    • Kevin
    • Charlotte
    • Riesz
    • Hawkeye
  • Dawn of Mana
    • Keldric
    • Lekius
  • Legend of Mana
    • Shiloh
    • Niccolo
    • Sierra
  • Children of Mana
    • Ferrik
    • Wanderer

Features of the game are:

  • A Mana series crossover like never before weaving journeys with new original characters.
  • A 2D action classic RPG with layers of story and features.
  • Team up for tougher enemies. Co-op with up to three players.

What are you waiting for? Pre-register now!

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