The King of Fighters AllStar: Pre-Registration Now Open for Upcoming Collaboration

Prepare to fight on the streets.
Prepare to fight on the streets. Netmarble

A new collaboration is coming to The King of Fighters AllStar and it’s with none other than Capcom’s Street Fighter V franchise. This upcoming collab goes live on March 24. While waiting for the big day, players can now pre-register to get rewards. This offer is valid until March 22.

In addition to Ryu and Chun-Li, players can also expect other fighters to join the roster, such as M. Bison, Akuma, and Luke. Those who register immediately get a 500 Ruby Coupon. Once the collab is available, those who pre-registered can get the Collab Fighters Summon Ticket. Pre-register here.

Here are some of what players can expect with the collab:

  • Collab Celebration Check-In Log & Event Missions
    • Log in during the event to receive various rewards.
    • Obtain Collab Fighter Chun-Li, for free!
    • Get the chance to obtain Chun-Li by simply playing the game.
  • ​Collaboration Special Story
    • Enjoy the unique story for the Street Fighter collaboration and earn various rewards.
  • ​New Collab Dungeon
    • Enjoy the many exclusive Dungeons and Guild Raids for the Street Fighter Collaboration.

In-Game Events

Many in-game events happening right now:

  • Dice Game + World Drop
    • Event Schedule: March 14 to April 1
    • How to Participate:
      • Enter the event through the Dice Game icon located on the right-hand side of the Lobby (Main Screen).
    • ​Event Details:
      • Collect Dice Points during the event period.
      • Receive rewards on the slot landed on by rolling the dice and also when passing the START slot.
    • Dice Mini Game Event TIP!
      • Players can get more rewards if they land on Double Slots or Stack Slots.
      • Double Slot: If players land on a Double Slot, then they move forward as much as they roll again to receive an additional slot’s reward.
      • Stack Slot: If players pass a Stack Slot and make a roundtrip, then the stack increases by one. Once players land on the Stack Slot, then they receive the reward in that slot multiplied by the accumulated stack count and will reset to 1 stack.
  • For the Dream Match! Collect Wishes Event
    • Event Schedule: March 14 to April 1
    • How to Participate:
      • Lobby (Main Screen) – Enter through the Gift icon.
    • Event Details
      • Donate the gifts in the pre-collaboration gifting event to receive rewards depending on the Affinity Level.

The King of Fighters AllStar is available on Android and iOS.

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