Classic Battleship Headed To The Switch

Battleship headed to the Nintendo Switch this July.
Battleship headed to the Nintendo Switch this July. Marmalade Game Studio

“You sunk my battleship” is set to take a whole new meaning as the game is headed to the Nintendo Switch. The game Battleship is scheduled to arrive worldwide to the Switch on July 24.

Battleship is being developed by none other than Marmalade Game Studio, who is known for bringing classic board games to the platform. Marmalade Games has been responsible for introducing games like Cluedo to the Switch. It was also the same studio that released The Game of Life for mobile. Battleship is already available on Steam and on mobile for both iOS and Android.

For those not familiar, Battleship is a tactical deduction game created by Hasbro. The objective of the game is to choose coordinates, fire missiles, and hopefully sink the fleet of your opponent before they do the same to you.

The Switch version offers not only single-player action, but other modes as well like playing multiplayer online against friends or anyone else in the world.

Unlike the board game version, the upcoming version offers Commanders mode, which delivers improved gameplay. Players can place mines or make use of sonar in order to scan for enemy ships. The game mode also features unlockable commanders and locations that are inspired by historical, and even mythological, naval battles. These include the likes of Colossus Bay and the Amazonian Commander Euryleia.

In a statement, Marmalade Game COO Cristina Mereuta said that they love taking classic board games and then improving them by adding new features that are only possible in a digital format. She went on to say that they are “very proud of what Battleship has become and it makes an excellent second addition to the collection we are creating on Nintendo Switch following the success of our first release Clue/Cluedo in 2018.”

Meanwhile, Hasbro Gaming VP of Marketing & Digital Media Rich Cleveland said Marmalade Game has managed to reimagine this classic board game but at the same time remain “faithful to the original and we look forward to seeing this iconic game come to life in a unique way on Nintendo Switch.”

Pre-orders for Battleship are being accepted beginning July 10 before the official launch on July 24, and come with a 10% discount.

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