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Cities: Skylines Board Game
Cities: Skylines Board Game BoardGameGeek

If you're a fan of Cities: Skylines then here's some good news for you. Paradox Interactive is officially coming out with a cooperative board game version of the hit city management sim.

The news maybe not be surprising for those following Paradox, given that they announced last year they were releasing board game versions of many of their titles. They already started with Crusader Kings.

Going back to Cities: Skylines, what is the board game all about? Well BoardGameGeek has us covered with that as they shared some details. For starters, the game works with one to four players, and has a playing time estimated at 70 minutes.

For the game itself, it begins with four land boards being visible, though the actual number could vary depending on the scenario being played. The goal is to achieve a certain number of milestones along with ensuring that the inhabitants of the city are happy.

A look at the Cities: Skylines board game.
A look at the Cities: Skylines board game. BoardGameGeek

At the beginning of each milestone, one additional board is flipped from the nature side to the developed side.

Each player has his or her own personal cards to determine what they are allowed to build. Players need to discuss with each other in order to plan how to develop the city. The cards also provide the effects each building has on the city. When garbage collection is increased, for example, then it has the effect of decreasing crime. There are also cardboard tiles that represent different types of buildings like industrial, commercial, or residential, to name a few. Each have different base shapes and are placed on the developed boards on the grid.

When developing the city to reach a new milestone, players need to decide what board to buy in order to expand the city and score their current happiness. After that, they can begin working on the next milestone. The game ends once the last milestone is achieved after which the total happiness is obtained.

It is important to note that the city has one treasury. Players need to add to the treasury when they earn money and take money when buying a new board or building something new. If a player runs out of money, that players goes bankrupt and loses.

The release date for the board game is scheduled to be October 25, though this can still change. Cities: Skylines fans for sure can't wait for it to get out and start building.

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