Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare - Learn More About The Gunsmith Customs

Have fun and come up with the perfect weapon.
Have fun and come up with the perfect weapon. Blizzard

Fans of the Call of Duty franchise are more than familiar with the Gunsmith customization feature. It wasn’t long before this same feature would make the jump to Modern Warfare and now it’s finally live. Gunsmith Customs is a way for players to customize their weapons even further. Today we take show a few simple steps on how to go about using this feature.

The first step involved is Gathering Your Blueprints. To view what blueprints you have, just go to the Weapons menu and then scroll all the way down and choose Armory. If you don’t have any blueprints, you can buy them from the Store or receive them through the Battle Pass system. Blueprints can also be received once you complete missions and challenges.

It’s important to keep in mind that it is only possible to combine attachments from the blueprints of the same weapon. So if you want to come up with a blueprint hybrid of Assault Rifle Echo, the blueprints you can use are only those for that specific assault rifle.

The next step is to Head to the Gunsmith Bench. To access this feature just go to the Edit Loadouts menu and then select your loadout. You then need to select a weapon and tab over to the right in order to access the Gunsmith menu. Once you have that you should be able to customize your weapon. You could also view the new Gunsmith Custom features once you have managed to select the individual attachment to equip.

Once you have that ready, the next step is to Select the Attachments. Once you do select an attachment, there’s going to be a special icon beside it that tells if you can customize its appearance (from your available blueprints of course). After that, just select the icon and then access all variants of that particular attachment from your weapon blueprints.

Of course, then it’s time to Customize Your Attachment. This should be available once you select the icon. There’s going to be a menu screen that offers a drop down list of the various appearances of that specific attachment from the unlocked blueprints.

If you have an unlocked blueprint attachment, you should be able to equip it on the weapon, regardless of its version. Say for instance you have the Assault Rifle Hotel, where one attachment is the 5.45x30mm 30-Round Mags. If you haven’t unlocked that blueprint, but have a different blueprint weapon with that attachment, then you should be able to equip it. However, the appearance is going to be different.

Once you think everything is in order then it’s time to Finish and Name Your Blueprint Hybrid. What better way to wrap things up than to save your weapon as a Custom Mod and then name it?

It’s clear that players are going to have fun with this feature. What about you? What weapon customization are you planning?

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