Brotato: Update Improves Stats Screen; Implements Gladiator Changes

Brotato Steam

Brotato, the top-down shooter developed by Blobfish Studios, got a new patch that brought quality-of-life improvements and balancing changes to some classes.

Players who love looking at their stats per run will love the new improvements implemented in Update The stats screen now displays how much damage each weapon has dealt during the last wave, helping players know which weapon they want to invest in moving forward.

Furthermore, all secondary stats, such as explosion damage, burning speed, and piercing damage, are now placed in a separate tab, decluttering the stats page.

Some balancing adjustments have been implemented in Update as well. Gladiator, one of the many classes available in Brotato, now gets a 20% boost in attack speed for every unique weapon the player owns instead of 15% previously. However, this class now starts with a -40% attack speed penalty. While this may seem like a huge nerf, this can be compensated by owning many unique weapons.

Here are the other notable changes made in this patch:

  • Added 2 new characters (with 2 new challenges/achievements)
  • Added 6 new items
  • Some items and weapons now keep track of and display more info (damage dealt, materials earned, stats gained etc.)
  • The character now appears first in the inventory
  • Reworded "unique weapon" to "different weapon"
  • Having multiple copies of the same weapon is now counted as a different weapon. E.g. having two Knives and one Sword with Gladiator now gives you 2x the Attack Speed bonus instead of 1x.
  • The real value of Crit Chance is now displayed on weapons instead of stopping at 100%
  • The current level of the character is now displayed in the stats container
  • Added an option called "Optimize end waves" which might help if you're experiencing crashes at the end of waves
  • Horde waves drop 15% more materials
  • Eggs deal less contact damage, have less health and take 1 more second to hatch
  • Chef Boss: last phase attacks cooldown increased
  • Wave 12 or lower Elite HP: -15% > -25%
  • Monk Boss: slightly lowered HP
  • Saver: +1% Damage every 30 Materials > every 25, +10 Harvesting > +15
  • Loud can now start with Thief Dagger
  • One-Armed can now start with Screwdriver
  • Farmer: can now start with Potato Thrower, Taser, Screwdriver, Wrench, -25% Damage modifications > -0%
  • Artificer: can now start with Wrench
  • Chopper: 80% Melee Damage scaling > 50%, +20% Max HP scaling
  • Potato Thrower: +20% Max HP scaling
  • Flamethrower: direct Elemental Damage scaling 10% > 1%
  • Torch: direct Elemental Damage scaling 0% > 50%

Brotato Update is available on PC.

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