Brotato: Enemies Now Deal Less Damage in Patch 0.5.11c

Brotato Steam

Brotato is a fun top-down roguelite arena shooter where you play as a tough potato wielding up to six weapons at a time. You can choose from dozens of characters and hundreds of different items and weapons to help you fight against waves of alien invaders.

Developer Blobfish recently launched Patch 0.5.11c for Brotato, which implements a variety of changes and bug fixes. One notable change is that enemies now deal less damage than before. This change is welcome, considering that enemies get substantially harder as you reach the higher wave levels.

Another notable change in Patch 0.5.11c is that bosses on Danger V now have 25% less health, making them a bit easier to defeat.

Patch Notes

  • Runs are now saved at every shop and can be resumed after exiting the game (or crashing)
  • All characters now gain +1 Max HP upon leveling up
  • HP Regeneration now restores 1 HP every x seconds where x is lowered by having more HP Regeneration
  • Fruits and crates no longer get attracted when you're at full health
  • Crates now heal as much as Fruits
  • Shops before wave 3 now have 2 weapons and 2 items, those before wave 6 have at least 1 weapon
  • The chance of finding a weapon of a set you have is increased until wave 6 degressively (from +15% to 0%)
  • Items now have internal associated tags and some characters will have slightly more chance of finding items with specific tags
  • Items now display whether they're unique, limited or not
  • Reduced the efficiency of Armor
  • Slightly increased the chance of tier IV items/weapons/upgrades appearing
  • Added an accessibility option to turn off explosion flashes
  • Added an accessibility option to change materials pickup sounds
  • Brawler: +0% Attack Speed with Unarmed weapons > +50% (it was actually bugged before), +5 Melee Damage > +0
  • Mage: now starts with Snake and Scared Sausage, +50% Elemental Damage modifiers > +33%, -100 Engineering
  • Demon: +1 Max HP for every 10 materials > every 13 materials
  • Ranger: +50% Ranged Damage modifications > +33%
  • Shuriken: damage and crit chance slightly decreased
  • Slingshot: 100% Ranged Damage scaling > 80%
  • Some guns' fire rate slightly decreased
  • Shredder: damage slightly decreased
  • Turrets base damage increased but scaling slightly reduced
  • Wizard boss now waits 2 seconds before starting to cast spells
  • Fixed a bug where the shop would give you a random weapon 20% of the time instead of a weapon you have
  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't find your save file when in offline mode
  • Fixed a bug where the wizard's spells would sometimes deal damage before fully spawning
  • Fixed a bug where HP Regeneration wouldn't kick in after gaining Max HP during a wave
  • Fixed a bug where Spider's effect wouldn't apply directly after getting it
  • Fixed a bug where some characters would sometimes find weapons they couldn't use in the shop
  • Fixed a bug where combining Sledgehammers III would give you a Hammer IV
  • Fixed a bug where combining Choppers II would sometimes replace a Chopper IV instead of a II
  • Fixed the hitbox of some enemies

Brotato Patch 0.5.11c is available on PC.

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