Join the Boiling Cauldron Event in MouseHunt

A lot of new things to enjoy.
A lot of new things to enjoy. HitGrab

MouseHunt is inviting everyone to join the new Boiling Cauldron Event. In this new event, players get to brew unique bait like “Scream Cheese” or “Ghoulgonzola.” This should allow players to capture rare mice that come in Halloween-themed costumes.

During the event players also get to craft special potions for cheese-transmutation, which helps progress in nearly any stage of the game. Another thing they can do is craft unique upgrades and charms. There’s even the chance to get the exclusive Halloween trap.

Before we take a look into the details, the story goes that Gloomy Greenwood has reached the surrounding area and a chicken-legged hut is said to stand in the middle of it all. Who could be behind the trouble?

Here are the other things players can look forward to in the event:

  • Progression
    • As part of Meta Progression, players can put their Boiling Cauldrons to use, brewing up fun new bait for Halloween Mice.
    • Everyone starts with the Monterey-Jack-O-Lanterns and progresses up to the rare Scream Cheese.
    • Get the chance to catch the witch Baba Gaga herself.
  • Making a Killing in the Evil Market
    • During hunts, there’s a chance to come across the evil Mousedrake Root.
    • Boil this in the cauldron to get Evil Extract.
    • The Evil Extract is a powerful unguent that can be exchanged for powerful transmutative potions.
      • This can let players turn excess items into cash and other powerful goodies.
  • Ingredient Shopping
    • Limited Sale Packs are going to be available for players to buy.
    • One of these is the Witch's Brew Kit.
      • This gives players everything they need to get started braving the horrors of the haunted forest and snare the spookiest of mice to catch the witch behind it all.

In MouseHunt, players take on the role of a MouseHunter tasked by the King to catch those ridiculous yet unique mice which have invaded the kingdom of Gnawnia. Features of the game include:

  • More than 800 unique and ridiculous mice to catch.
  • 52 different locations to travel to.
  • Hundreds of mouse trap components to mix and match.
  • 73 bazillion trap combinations.
  • Free updates with new mice, locations, trap components, and more.

MouseHunt is available on Android and iOS.

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