Apex Legends 'Monsters Within' Event Starts October 12

A new event is here.
A new event is here. Respawn Entertainment

A new event is arriving in Apex Legends on October 12. In the Monsters Within event, players get the chance to conquer the Encore Arenas map. There are also special event-limited cosmetic sets focused on the scary side of some Legends. The event ends on November 2.

New Arenas Map

Encore is located in Boreas, the home planet of Seer This is where Seer has been seen fighting and where his fans gather. The map is open and offers players a strong environmental awareness. So to win, good teamwork and strategy are needed.

This map has players fight over two high-ground power positions. On one side is the VIP Lounge, which provides direct combat. The interior offers some interesting flank choices.

Across the lounge is the Performance Stage. To get the advantage, players need to establish control on this side of the map. To do that, however, teammates should provide the necessary support fire. The flanks on the top of the seat ramps are both wide and exposed.

Finally, the middle of the map doesn’t have any high ground positions and is the one that separates the lounge and stage.

Shadow Royale

As the event winds down, players will see the return of Shadow Royale. This is a darker version of the game and offers a horrifying twist. What happens is that all Legends killed respawn in Shadow-Form. Shadow lives are infinite and the team isn’t eliminated until the last living player is taken down.

Monster Within Packs

For this event, players can look forward to the special limited edition Monsters Within Packs. For 400 Apex Coins, players can get the Event Thematic Pack which guarantees a non-dupe event-limited item. There are also classic skins from previous Halloween events of the game.

Here are some details of these packs:

  • Monsters Within Packs are available for a limited time during the Monsters Within Event. The items are always available in the standard Apex Pack pool of items.

  • ​Monsters Within Packs guarantee one non-duplicate Monsters Within Thematic Event item.

  • The new thematic event introduces 40 new items around the Monsters Within theme.

  • Monsters Within items can always be crafted with crafting metals. After two seasons, crafting metal costs of Monsters Within Items may be reduced.

  • ​To preview/view what the new items are, players can go to the thematic event tab in-game

Learn more about this event and the reward track here.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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