Bleach: Immortal Soul Slashes Its Way To Mobile This Spring

Destroy those hollows.
Destroy those hollows. Oasis Games

Bleach may not have ended in the way that many people wanted, but there are still fans out there that continue to hope for more content. Something new is arriving this spring, and while it may not be what fans are expecting, it's close enough.

Time to prepare those Zanpakutos as Bleach: Immortal Soul is all set to be released to the mobile platform. Fans should be happy to know that this won't just be any Bleach game, as it has received the blessing, so to speak, of Tokyo TV.

Since the game has been officially licensed, players and fans can expect an authentic storyline. While it does follow the story of the manga and anime, there are small changes since it remains driven by the actions and decisions of the player. Player and fans are sure to see familiar faces and, if the press release is to be believed, some familiar voices of the anime.

So how do you play the game? You're going to need to Build Your Team. It's not as simple as it sounds, since the game is a Strategic Character-Based Team RPG. It's important to be able to manage all characters in turn-based battles. The game offers a hands-off approach when it comes to easy battles. However, for the more difficult fights, players have the option to make strategic attack choices. This should be an advantage, particularly for boss battles.

What are you waiting for? See if you have what it takes to be a Substitute Soul Reaper and defend Karakuka Town with your trusty Zanpakuto. You can also see how high your limits are as you climb through the Soul Society rankings by dueling against Kenpachi or with other players. Players can also go through Story Missions and unlock other characters in the Bleach universe, like Rukia Kuchiki and even Toshiro Hitsugaya.

Bleach: Immortal Soul is currently accepting pre-reigstration on the iOS App Store and Google Play. Players can also pre-register directly through the official website here. Pre-registering allows players to claim special in-game items once the game has launched.

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