Casual Mobile Game Icy Drift Is Now Out On Google Play And iOS App Store

Enjoy and drift.
Enjoy and drift. Bushiroad

Hyper casual gaming just got even more casual as Icy Drift slides its way to Android and iOS devices. Icy Drift was one of the games that received the top prize during the Mobile Game Jam 2019 held in Singapore. In this competition, participants were asked to create a game based on a specific theme within a time limit.

According to the game’s information on both Google Play and the iOS App Store, Icy Drift is recommended for those who enjoy challenging action games, particularly those that have progressively harder levels. It's also for those who simply want to play a game with cute characters.

Icy Drift has players use touch joystick controls in order to guide their characters around obstacles on slippery ice with the objective of reaching the end goal. Players take the role of curious animals that are trying to explore the dangerous plains of Antarctica. While maneuvering on snow and ice is already hard, various obstacles that players need to avoid makes things more difficult. Drift your way through maps that get progressively harder and challenge not only reflexes, but also quick thinking. There are more than 160 levels, each with varying degrees of difficulty.

In addition to the Classic Mode, Icy Drift also offers two other modes. The first is Endless Mode where you simply glide, avoid obstacles, collect as many coins as you can, and get the best score. For those looking for a more difficult challenge, there’s always Survival Mode, where players need to drift while dodging ice crystals.

Coins earned in the game can be used to roll for random characters and customization accessories.

Mobile Game Jam 2019 was held in Singapore and this year the theme was Hyper Casual. Unlike hardcore games that are generally targeted at a more niche crowd, casual games are developed for a wider and more mass market audience. While they may offer different genres and gameplay, casual games have simpler rules, shorter sessions, and require less skill in order to play. Hyper Casual games, meanwhile, are those that have little detail or typically use minimalist or a flat design.

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