Release The Beast As Sharkslam Is Now On Mobile

Become the top predator.
Become the top predator. Bushiroad

For those looking to play hyper casual mobile games, here's some good news for you. Sharkslam is now available for both iOS and Android devices. This was one of the games that received the top prize during the Mobile Game Jam 2019.

In Sharkslam, players use a touch joystick in order to control a shark to get the most number of points. To get points, players need to slam onto different enemies, which includes opposing sharks. Despite being considered a hyper casual game, Sharkslam is a game aimed at those who like action games and even those looking for competitive gameplay. It’s also a good game for players that like the challenge of climbing leaderboards. Finally, it’s an option for those who simple play games and collect accessories.

That’s right. Within the game, players can also get various cosmetic items for their shark by unlocking different achievements. These range from hats and all the way to in-game backgrounds, and players should be able to customize to whatever they desire. Overall there are more than 50 achievements to get and each has its own rewards. There are also going to be Daily Quests for even more loot.

The game also offers other modes, each having their own high score tables. For example, in Survival Mode all players need to do is play for as long as they can without getting hit. For Time Attack Mode, the goal is to get as many points as possible within a certain amount of time. The third is Brawl Mode, where players need to beat down other sharks.

While Sharkslam is indeed on iOS and Android, it remains limited to the US and Singapore app stores for now. A proper worldwide release is expected soon.

As previously mentioned, Sharkslam was a highlight from this year's Mobile Game Jam. The event was held in Singapore and co-organized by Bushiroad International and DigiPen (Singapore). In the competition, participants were given 26 on-site hours to create a game under the theme 'Hyper Casual.' Those who worked on the top entries were then givent internships with Bushiroad and part-time training programs in order to finish the game.

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