Battlefield Mobile Coming Out in 2022

Coming soon to a new platform.
Coming soon to a new platform. DICE

It looks like the porting of PC and console games to mobile devices won’t be stopping any time soon. The latest one to join the trend is Battlefield. Developer EA DICE projects that the game will arrive in 2022 on smartphones and tablets.

In a post, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson shared that they have always wanted to introduce the game to other platforms. He added that they’ve actually been prototyping it for years.

There’s a bit of sad news however for those who already have the game on PC or consoles. According to Gabrielson, the mobile version is a standalone game and completely different from commercially available versions. It’s been made from scratch and developed for mobile devices.

Finally, Gabrielson revealed that the mobile version is about to begin its testing period. More details are to be released in the future.

Main Game

For the main game, Gabrielson said that something truly exciting is coming out this year. Right now, it's currently in the daily playtesting mode to polish, balance, and develop the best Battlefield game thus far.

So what’s it about? Well, they didn’t really reveal much except that it’s going to be all-out military warfare and massive battles.

The Move to Mobile

Recently, a lot of PC and console games have started to make their presence on mobile platforms. In December 2020, for example, it was revealed that Just Cause was coming to mobile this year. Just this week, Apex Legends said that beta tests have been scheduled for the mobile version of the game.

Sadly, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for certain games. One of these was Diablo Immortal which received a lot of negative comments when it was revealed back in 2018. Yet that didn't stop Blizzard to move forward with the mobile game.

In the past, the debate had always been between PC and consoles. However, mobile devices are becoming more popular for gamers. Helping make this happen is the greatly improved smartphone hardware up to the point it can now run graphics-heavy games.

What about you? Excited for PC or console games to have standalone versions on Android and iOS?

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