The Mobile Game Obey Me! Getting an Anime This Summer

An anime is being developed.
An anime is being developed. NTT Solmare

In most cases, the pattern usually starts with an anime followed by a video game release. But the mobile game Obey Me! is doing it in reverse. And speaking of “reverse,” the game was first released worldwide in 2019 before entering Japan in 2020. Developer NTT Solmare revealed that an anime based on the game is in the works with a release slated for summer this year.

To celebrate this announcement, NTT released a special video titled Obey Me! Special Anime - Devildom Family Trip! While short, it does give fans an idea of how the game looks as anime. You can watch the video below:

One of the problems was that when this anime was hinted at, it was on April 1 or April Fool’s Day. To make sure that fans believe the announcement, NTT said in a statement that they’re confirming the anime is indeed arriving in summer. The anime is set to focus on the daily lives of the demon brothers, and it will be done through special episodes separate from the main story of the game.

Besides the news, it’s also revealed that bringing the anime to life is Colored Pencil Animation Japan. This studio’s portfolio mainly includes anime based on Chinese stories. The only other information announced was the collaboration with Sotsu Co., Toei Advertising, and Bouncy Co., in creating the anime.

To heighten the excitement, the cast of Obey Me! is set to appear in their own official web series titled Obey Me! The Boys in the House. It’s going to be streamed on different sites including its official YouTube channel.

To keep track of the different news on the game and the anime, fans can see updates on these sites:

Obey Me! is a romance simulation and RPG card mobile game. It’s part of the dating sim franchise known as Shall We Date? In the game, players get to experience a story filled with different characters like Lucifer, for example, who is one of the main characters and the oldest of the demon brothers. The others are Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor.

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