Just Cause Is Coming To Mobile In 2021

Arriving to a new platform next year.
Arriving to a new platform next year. Square Enix

Just Cause announced that a mobile version is arriving on iOS and Android in 2021. This action-shooter is free to play and developed exclusively for the mobile platform. Just Cause: Mobile is set to expand the series’ universe while also delivering explosive action.

The Original Game

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, Just Cause is a series with four titles to its credit. The first one was released back in 2006 and focused on a character named Rico Rodriguez. As the series progresses, players see Rodriguez take on different foes.

Story Campaign

Going back to the mobile version, players take on the role of a member of Firebrand, the secret program of the Agency. Players need to go against Darkwater forces. But they can form alliances with characters from previous iterations of the game.

Solo Play

The game has a single-player campaign where players can create and customize their own character. In solo play, they can rise through the ranks, take on intense missions, and form those alliances.

Multiplayer Mode

The game has a multiplayer mode too. It sees three teams of 10 players battle it out to secure bases and score points. Teams get to fight across a sprawling map while wielding an arsenal of weapons and vehicles. Players even have the option to form clans with their teammates to get big rewards.

Co-op Missions

Players can form a four-man squad and take part in challenging missions wherein they'll take on waves of enemies. Make sure to come out with the perfect loadout to blast away tough enemies in the likes of armored mechs and tanks.


Players looking for an extra challenge can test their skills with the Challenge Mode. Here, players must get high scores on three unique challenges: Destruction, Race, and Wingsuit. Completing these challenges earn players extra rewards.

So, what do you think? Is coming out with a mobile version a good move?

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