Battlefield 5's Firestorm No Longer Has Duos

With the Duos Mode being less popular than anticipated, Battlefield V will be removing Firestorm Duos altogether.
The decision is out that Duos Mode for Battlefield V Firestorm will be removed from the game.
The decision is out that Duos Mode for Battlefield V Firestorm will be removed from the game. EA DICE

In the latest announcement from DICE, the developer behind Battlefield V, the Duos Mode for the Firestorm battle royale has been officially discontinued.

When Battlefield V's Firestorm game mode released last March, it launched with the option for either Solo Mode or Squad Mode. In Solo Mode, players go about the game as a lone wolf matched against other lone wolves, so it's ideal for players who either don't play well with others or just don't enjoy being part of a team, especially a team of randoms. Squad Mode, on the other hand, is the opposite, and features a more traditional battle royale experience with matchmaking squads of four players. Last month, and for a limited time only, DICE announced Duos Mode, which was supposedly only available on that specific weekend. However, when the Duos Mode event ended, players were clamoring to have the Duos Mode become a permanent game mode alongside Solo and Squad. This led to DICE bringing back the Duos Mode for good. So why is the developer now removing it?

In an official announcement on the Battlefield V subreddit, DICE informed the community that the Duos Mode for Firestorm will be shelved indefinitely. Apparently, while the Duos Mode was hugely successful during the limited-time event - so much so that DICE ended up making it a permanent game mode addition - it seems more and more players have been going back to playing Squad Mode. Because of the sheer lack of players currently enjoying Duos Mode, DICE made the decision to drop the game mode for now for the benefit of the community. According to the announcement, the player-base simply couldn't sustain three different matchmaking queues for Firestorm. In the end, it dropped the least popular one, which was Duos. For more details into the announcement, you can read the full post here.

What do you think about the decision from DICE to drop the Duos Mode for Battlefield V Firestorm? Did you enjoy Duos Mode while it was still available? If so, do you wish DICE would bring it back, or will you settle for the two remaining game modes for now? Let us know in the comments section below!

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