Battlefield Bad Company 3 Is Reportedly Coming To Next-Gen Consoles

A sequel to the Battlefield fan favorite may be closer than we think.
A sequel to the Battlefield fan favorite may be closer than we think. DICE

A sequel to DICE’s Bad Company series of games is reportedly in the works, and it is tied specifically to next-gen consoles.

Following the recent Mark Cerny exclusive interview in which he revealed some very interesting information regarding the upcoming PS5, an older leak received bigger focus after many of its claims were proven accurate.

The leak comes from a Pastebin post late last year. The post detailed several key elements of Sony’s upcoming next-gen console. Now that Mark Cerny has confirmed some of these rumors, it may be time to consider that this Pastebin source is reliable.

The leak comes from a third-party EU-based game developer, and the person behind the leak has stated that the PS5 will use the newest Navi GPU architecture, as well as being powered by AMD’s next-gen Zen 2 CPU. Both of these have been confirmed by Cerny during the Wired interview, and what’s more is that he has also confirmed that devkits have already been shipped out in anticipation for the next-gen games that the PS5 will release with.

The poster then goes on to list the games that will reportedly be released along with the PS5, exclusive or otherwise. Remember to take everything with a huge grain of salt as well:


  • Gran Turismo 7 (VR)
  • PUBG (4K; F2P with PS+; Only on PS5)
  • The Last of Us 2
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • 2-3 AAA games + more VR games


  • Battlefield Bad Company 3
  • Harry Potter
  • Grand Theft Auto 6
  • New Assassin’s Creed title
  • Horizon Zero Dawn 2 (anticipated 2021)

As stated, Battlefield Bad Company 3 is on the list of non-exclusives planned for the next-gen launch. It might not be much of a stretch to say that DICE was one of the developers that managed to get devkits, and that this is the next game they are working on. This might also be a good move on their part, and may even earn them back some good will with the fans following the less-than-stellar performances of its last two Battlefield games.

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