Premium Currency Coming To Battlefield 5 Tomorrow

Open up your wallets for EA and Battlefield Currency
Open up your wallets for EA and Battlefield Currency EA

You know what I love about video games? After buying them, I love how many of them are pure money sinks, begging and demanding players pay more and more to use all the created content. Don’t worry, because a new way to give EA money has just been announced for Battlefield 5: Battlefield Currency! Yippie!

The new Battlefield Premium Currency launches tomorrow, April 4, and offers a new way to acquire items to customize your character and weapons. Battlefield Currency is bought with real-world money in the Battlefield 5 main menu, and can be used to buy three different item types. There’s the standard line of new cosmetic items, Elite sets and Time savers.

Elite sets allow you to play as distinct soldiers in multiplayer modes. These special characters don’t perform better than others, but feature names, backgrounds, new voice lines, special animations and more. The first two Elite soldiers, named Seamus and Ernst, will be fully revealed soon.

Time savers are also coming to Battlefield 5, because along with spending extra money on a game, I also love when I get to pay a game to play itself for me. Players can buy Catch-Ups, which unlock chapter reward items, and XP boosts, which rake in XP at a faster rate. So that’s fun, I guess.

EA is happy to let players know there are EVEN MORE ways to spend real-world money in Battlefield 5 . You can buy Starter Packs! These are just bundles of other stuff you can buy, but it’s probably a better deal.

It was mentioned in the announcement post that the Battlefield developers are actively avoiding pay-to-win schemes. That’s nice to know these new microtransactions aren’t going to ruin the game experience for those who don’t want to buy, buy, buy. It was also confirmed there shouldn’t be any loot boxes, meaning players will always know what they are getting when making a purchase.

If you don’t want to spend extra cash on a game you already bought, Company Coin is there for you. This currency is earned by actually playing Battlefield 5, and can be used to buy other cosmetic items.

So what do you think? Are you ready to sink more money into Battlefield 5 for slightly different looking outfits? Are you tired of all the microtransactions invading games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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