Battlefield 2042: Update 2.1 Implements Balancing Changes to Some Helicopters

Update 2.1
Update 2.1 Twitter/@Battlefield

Update 2.1 for Battlefield 2042 is here, and it brought balancing changes to certain vehicles and weapons.

The developers feel that the 60mm Flak Weapon Pod was not performing up to par with their standards, especially against air vehicles which the weapon was designed for. Thus, they made some nice changes to increase its effectiveness. One, projectile velocity is increased substantially, from 150 to 250. This should make the projectiles move faster, leaving little to no room for air vehicles to react. Additionally, detonation delay is reduced dramatically from 0.15 to just 0.02.

It is worth noting that the 60mm Flak Weapon Pod is only meant to be used against aerial units. To punctuate this point, the Battlefield 2042 dev team also reduced the damage multiplier against infantry units to 0.05 (from 0.47).

Aside from that, the AH-64GX Apache Warchief and the KA-520 Super Hokum are now more effective against vehicles. The damage of the 127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pack has been increased to 130. Besides that, the 30mm Cannon Gunner’s initial and final damage have increased to 40 and 25, respectively.

Below are some of the other vehicle and weapon changes in Update 2.1:

60mm Flak Weapon Pod
  • Vehicle detonation radius decreased to 2
  • An issue has been resolved that caused the 60mm Flak Weapon Pod to unintentionally damage infantry when damaging vehicles
AH-64GX Apache Warchief and KA-520 Super Hokum
  • 127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pack velocity has been increased
  • 127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pack is now more accurately in shorter ranges
  • 127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pack Replenish rate has been lowered to 2
  • 30mm Cannon Gunner Rate of Fire has been lowered to 200
  • 30mm Cannon Velocity has been increased
  • 30mm Cannon Blast Damage increased to 20
  • 30mm Cannon Overheat has been increased
MD540 Nightbird - Mounted 7.62mm Miniguns
  • Minigun Wind Up Time has been lowered
  • Minigun Wind Down Time has been increased
  • Overall Dispersion has been lowered
  • Overheat has been increased
MV38-Condor/Mi-240 Super Hind - 7.62mm Minigun Pod
  • Damage fall-Off Starting Distance has been lowered to 150
  • Damage Fall-Off End Distance has been lowered to 300
  • Dispersion has been lowered
  • Wind Up Time has been lowered
  • Wind Down Time has been increased
  • Overheat has been increased
  • Fixed an issue that caused AM40 and Avancys bullets to be registered as SMG bullets
  • The AM40 Standard Issue Ammo now correctly displays the intended magazine count of 20
  • The AM40 and Avancys can no longer be used underwater
  • Adjusted deploy delays for Vault Weapons to ensure a smoother experience
  • Fixed a bug where picking up the DM7 from the ground would show incorrect weapon icon

The full patch notes can be found on Battlefield 2042’s official site.

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