Battlefield 2042 Update #2.0: New Features and Bug Fixes

Battlefield 2042 Update #2.0
Battlefield 2042 Update #2.0 Steam

Battlefield 2042’s Master of Arms Update is finally out. We are going to cover the new assignments, improved Home Menu, and bug fixes featured in this update.

New Feature

In this update, the developers released a new feature called Assignments. These Assignments allow players to unlock new weapons and even gameplay content from a previous season. Being able to access older content is a great way for newer players to experience things they’ve missed. The best part is that it will be permanently unlocked. So, you don’t have to rush anything to finish these Assignments.

Improved Home Menu

The developers improved the Home Menu in this update because the players complained that showing only three modes felt limiting. So, they listed all the game modes, including Conquest, Breakthrough, Portal, Rush, and Hazard Zone in one area. Oh yeah, Rush is now back and it is here to stay for good.

Battlefield 2042 Update #2.0

  • You told us that you want to experience Breakthrough and Rush as both an Attacker and Defender while playing. We have made a change where after EoR you now automatically switch teams and play the same map on the opposing side before switching maps.
  • Improved text readability in the Breakthrough game mode widget, and added text icons to help explain objectives, such as "Capture"
  • Fixed a bug when preview a rank-locked weapon, Locked by Battlepass is displayed
  • New Player Card Backgrounds are available for Crawford, AM-40, Avancys, PF51, EBLC-Ram, and Stranded
  • New Player Card Tags are now available to earn unlock and earn
  • New Assignments are available to unlock 2 Battlefield Portal Weapons in All-Out Warfare, to gain access to Season 1 content in case you missed it, and new weapons for use in Battlefield Portal
Battlefield Portal
  • All 1942 weapons now have optic attachment options
  • All Portal soldiers now have access to Smoke Grenades via Loadout > Throwable
  • Custom Conquest has been added to the Battlefield Portal Builder as a new Conquest game mode with added customizable options for capture points and extra logic options for Battlefield Portal’s Rules Editor.
  • Multiple improvements have been made across Classic Era maps, such as removing and moving props, and resolving collision and terrain issues.
  • Players were sometimes unable to spawn on spawn beacons. It's fixed now.
  • Voice lines have been updated for 1942 British army non-squad soldiers, German army non-squad soldiers, and US army non-squad soldiers

Season 2 also features a new map, specialists, weapons, vehicles, and a gadget. You can read more about the update here.

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