AutoAttack Games Hosting a Free-to-Play Event for Legion TD 2 Next Week

Play-for-Free Weekend Event AutoAttack Games

Are you interested in Legion TD 2 but can't decide if you want to buy the game? Well, developer AutoAttack Games can help you with that! The company will make this popular tower defense game available to everyone for free from July 20 to July 24, so you can try it out to your heart's content!

To make the experience even more enticing, you can unlock 650 Premium Essences when you log in at least once during the Play-for-Free weekend. Premium Essence is the game's premium currency, which can be used to purchase skins, cards, and game client backgrounds, among other things.

Now, if you have a blast playing Legion TD 2 and you want to buy it, the game will be offered at a 35% discount during the free-to-play event. According to the company, this is the biggest sale that it has done since the game's full launch, so you better grab the offer as soon as it's available.

Before the said event, AutoAttack Games launched a new update that included Emotes 2.0. What makes this new system better than the previous one? Here are the changes:

  • Emotes are now more interactive!
  • Emotes now display a graphic on the ground, like a ping, in addition to next to the power score graphic.
  • Emotes now take into account fog of war. This means you can use emotes to communicate with allies during the build phase, without being worried about giving away information to your opponents.
  • Emotes can now be enabled/disabled in Options. Enable only your favorite emotes and leave the rest disabled keep the window lean and easy to use.

Patch Notes

New Features

  • New Player Quests
    • The Game Coach now gives new players some introductory goals to achieve in Ranked games. These quests can only be completed once and are intended to ease new players into Ranked play.
  • New AI Difficulty: Grandmaster
  • New Secret Card: Kalm Centaur
Kalm Centaur AutoAttack Games

Game Balancing

Legion Spells

  • Glacial Touch
    • Damage: 45 > 50
  • Hero
    • Damage and damage reduction: 5% > 4.5%
  • Protector
    • Health: 700 > 650
  • Titan
    • Health: 1,350 > 1,300


  • Fire Archer
    • Attack speed: 0.89 > 0.91
  • Dark Mage
    • Mana regeneration decreased by 7%
  • Sacred Steed/Pegasus
    • Mana regeneration decreased by 4%
  • Gateguard/Harbinger
    • Attack speed: 1.01 > 0.985
  • Tree of Life
    • Devotion: Healing: 5% > 4.75%


  • Hermit
    • Attack speed: 1.06 > 1.1
  • Witch
    • Attack speed: 1.35 > 1.315
  • Ogre
    • Attack speed: 1.38 > 1.36


  • Wave 6: Rockos
    • Damage: 37 > 38


  • New Player Experience: Playing Classic now requires your account to be level 3+. This is meant to steer new players towards Ranked, which offers much fairer matchmaking. As always, players can still be invited to a party and queued up for Classic, even if they don't meet the level requirement.
  • Profile: Tactician profile playstyle is now based on Pressure Applied rather than # of waves skipped

So, will you be playing Legion TD 2 during the free-to-play weekend?

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