Legion TD 2: Players Can Now Vote for Their Favorite Game Modes in Patch v10.02

Patch v10.02
Patch v10.02 Steam

Playing Classic Matches in Legion TD 2 has gotten much better in Patch v10.02, now available on Steam.

This update introduced a new feature that lets players vote on one of two game modes at the beginning of the match. The first is called Income & Chill. In this mode, players are encouraged to spend any Mythium they have so that they won’t miss out on the copious amounts of gold from the Gold Rush on that wave. Mythium, for those who are new to Legion TD 2, is a secondary resource used to hire mercenaries or purchase upgrades for the King.

The second is called Special Mode. Players can vote on one random special mode in each match. While there is a “hot” or featured mode every week that has an 80% chance of appearing as a special mode, the remaining 20% is divided evenly among the remaining ones, such as:

  • Double Lock-In: Lock-in 2 fighters for some juicy combos!
  • Super Fiesta: When you leak any amount, you AND your teammates get free gold!
  • Ordered Chaos: Everyone plays Chaos, with a catch: all players get the same rolls!
  • Blitz: After Wave 1, build phase is sped up by 2.5x. Don't think, just build!
Game Mode Voting
Game Mode Voting Steam

Patch v10.02 also introduced in-game polls. This feature can help the dev team know how to best improve the game moving forward by gathering feedback via the inbox system. According to the team, the first poll will be up in the next few weeks.

In-Game Polls
In-Game Polls Steam


  • The Units tab of the Codex has been overhauled! Now features a greatly improved layout and presentation as well as sorting by cost, DPS, DPS per gold, etc.
  • Replaced “Mythium Received” with “Pressure Applied,” which is a score that represents how much pressure you applied to your opponent by saving mythium. Pressure Applied has always been taken into account for MVP Score behind-the-scenes, but it is now more visible.
  • Performance Score: Now uses a new, more accurate and intuitive formula.
  • The Power Score bar size is now relative to all players’ power scores, rather than your team’s. This is a more accurate representation of how powerful you were at the end of the game.
  • Removed “Net Worth” column
  • Battle Phase: The Battle Phase now runs 8% faster in 2v2; this will speed up games without affecting balance
  • Recommended rolls now always include your locked-in fighters if you play Lock-In or Double Lock-In
  • HUD: Mercenary tooltips now show role icons (Tank, DPS, etc)
  • Profile: Game Stats: Performance score reworked [todo: Jules add context]
  • Legion Select: Fixed a bug where “Select a different legion for this mission” was mistakenly shown
  • Chat: Global Chat now displays line breaks from messages that are sent from Discord
  • Versus Popup: Fixed a bug where the Versus Popup would block the HUD from being interacted with
  • Discord: New PTR deployments will be announced in the #public-test-realm channel. You can assign yourself the PTR role in the #contributor-roles channel to receive notifications
  • Postgame: Fixed a bug where the New Teammate bonus was accidentally being rewarded when playing with non-new players

So, what can you say about the new features and improvements in Legion TD 2 Patch v10.02?

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