Legion TD 2 Patch v10.03: New Units and Free-Look Camera Feature

Patch v10.03
Patch v10.03 Steam

Legion TD 2, the multiplayer tower defense title developed by AutoAttack Games, got a new update recently. Patch v10.03 added new units to the game, as well as a new feature that content creators will surely love.

The Treant

Patch v10.03 adds the Treant, a Tier 3 base unit with a considerable amount of HP at 980 and DPS of 42. Its unique perk, Exuberance, grants the Treant a 20% damage and damage reduction buff when summoned. This bonus is decreased by 5% after each wave until it is lost. Because of Exuberance, players can make good use of Treants for two to three waves.

The Treant also has two Tier 3 upgrades. The first is Tree of Life - a versatile melee unit with 2,400 HP and 103 DPS. This is the upgrade that players should look into if they want to prioritize healing. That’s because the Tree of Life has the Devotion perk, which grants 5% missing health regeneration to the unit built directly behind it.

For those who want to focus more on the offensive, the Treant can also be upgraded to the Tree of Knowledge. It has a slightly lower HP and damage compared to the Tree of Life at just 2,200 HP and 94 DPS. However, the Forbidden Fruit perk is good at taking out a group of enemies. This perk allows the Tree of Knowledge to gain mana every time it attacks and is attacked by the enemy. When this unit dies, it deals 60 to 600 magic damage to nearby enemies based on its current mana. If it sustained at least 70% of its mana before dying, the Tree of Knowledge can potentially wipe out most monsters in a wave.

New Features

This update introduced a couple of new features as well. The Free-Look Camera, as the name implies, is a feature that lets players roam around the map freely without obstructions.

Players can press CTRL to enter the Free-Look Mode. Then, they can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Hold RMB + move mouse to rotate the camera
  • Use WASD to move up/down/left/right
  • Use Q/E to adjust height up/down

The Free-Look Camera was specifically made for content creators to aid them in developing some interesting videos. But all Legion TD 2 players can definitely use and enjoy this new feature if they want to.

In addition, the Card Trader now lets players reroll the merchant’s offerings once per day, giving them an entirely new set of cards. Players can also store up to four rerolls. On top of that, there’s a new checkbox that shows the player’s current stacks of each card.

Legion TD 2 Patch v10.03 is now available on PC.

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