Arrow Season 6 Spoilers: Who Died? The Flash Reveals Lian Yu Survivors

Who are the Lian Yu survivors?
Who are the Lian Yu survivors? Stephen Amell's Instagram

Who died in the Arrow Season 5 finale? That’s the biggest question heading into the Arrow Season 6 premiere and The Flash Season 4 episode 1, “The Flash Reborn,” just confirmed two people survived.

"I've consulted with Harry and Tracy and Felicity and Curtis," Cisco says, desperately trying to convince his teammates the device he built to get Barry out of the speed force works.

This means that Mr. Terrific and Felicity are not dead and survived the explosion on Lian Yu. Other known survivors include the new Black Canary Dinah Lance, Deathstroke and Black Siren. Missing in action are Dig, Wild Dog, Talia al Ghul, Artemis, Quentin Lance, Nyssa Al Ghul, Samantha (William’s mom) and Thea. However, Rick Gonzalez was promoted to a series regular, which is always a good sign. David Ramsey also heavily teased his storyline this year, saying that there will be more of a role reversal between his character and Oliver’s.

Stephen Amell teased there will be “physical scars,” which can be just as emotional and affecting as death. However, Arrow is due for a major death and all this suspense would be a let down if someone didn’t get more than hurt. The hardest to lose of the group would be Thea and her death would deeply affect nearly every character, changing the dynamic of the show. Thea’s presence in the series has also decline over the years. But considering Oliver has literally no family alive, we want to think the possibility of Thea being the one to go seems unlikely.

Samantha’s death might be the most likely, but it’s also a bit cliche. She’s the easiest character to kill off when it comes to storyline. Either Talia or Nyssa Al Ghul could die, and that might be best case scenario because they can also just get resurrected in the Lazarus Pit. Quentin Lance is the most logical candidate. Let’s be honest, he’s lucky he hasn’t died already.

The good news is, Arrow premieres in two days so we’ll get some clues. The bad news is we might have to wait until later for concrete answers. According to Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, the series will drag out the reveals via flashbacks.

“All I'll say really, and you can interpret this however you want, is Willa is back on the show and we are doing flashbacks from people's perspective that does not always include Oliver's," Guggenheim recently told ComicBook’s Russ Burlingame. "I'll let you extrapolate from that what you will."

Who do you think survived the Arrow Season 5 finale? Let us know in the comments. The new series premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.

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