Arrow: Stephen Amell Says Lian Yu Survivors May Have ‘Physical Scars’

Oliver's Bratva Captain tattoo.
Oliver's Bratva Captain tattoo. CW

The biggest question heading into Arrow Season 6 is who lives and who dies. Stephen Amell has already confirmed Deathstroke, who was on Lian Yu when the island exploded, will be back for multiple episodes. However, this doesn’t exactly tell us how he survived or if he’ll appear in flashbacks or present day. The same goes for the rest of the characters, 14 characters to be exact, who were still on Lian Yu when the island exploded and Oliver and William floated away in a boat leaving everyone behind.

While it’s no question a good amount of Team Arrow will survive, none will survive unscathed.

"The impact of the finale is gonna be felt throughout the season," Amell said, according to’s Brandon Davis. "There's always like a cataclysmic moment in every one of our seasons that always influences everything. For us, it was the explosion on the island. If anyone survived, they didn't survive without emotional and or physical scars."

Physical scars teases, as we would expect, some people will be very hurt. The premiere episode will explore how the cast survived by way of flashbacks to right after and before the explosion for each character.

"I saw that [showrunner] Marc [Guggenheim] tweeted that the cover script for episode 401 is 'Fallout,’ and it's very much about what happened on the island and how it affects everyone that survives," Amell said at last weekend's Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville. “We're not telling a linear story anymore about Oliver's time on the island.”

While the premiere will use time jumps as the mechanism to tell the story of each character, flashbacks in the way we know and love them will not be a part of Season 6. The creative team is taking a whole new approach since the pilot episode came full circle with the Season 5 finale.

"Season 5, it was the end of chapter, and maybe even a book," Amell told Davis. "Season 6, I don't think that we can equal the weight, because we can't take a bunch of stories full circle again, but I feel like we can set off on a new course and do a really great job with it."

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