Arrow Season 6 Will Drag Out Finale Deaths Via Flashbacks

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We asked for more flashbacks, so the writers of Arrow Season 6 are giving us more flashbacks. Oliver’s flashback arc from the pilot episode of the series finally came full circle at the end of the Season 5 finale, and at first, the writers said they weren't sure if flashbacks would still be a part of the show moving forward. Later, they said they may continue flashbacks with other characters and now we know exactly how this will work.

When speaking with Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, TV Guide asked when viewers will find out who lives and who dies in the Season 5 finale. The showrunner’s answer contained some interesting information about the flashback sequences.

"It's a slow reveal. We're going to intercut between the present, which is five months after the finale, and flashbacks that take us to the minutes right before and right after the finale."

Whats odd, though, is this statement at first glance contradicts what co-producer Wendy Mericle previously stated at SDCC.

"We will get answers,” she told ComicBook. “You'll know by the end of the premiere who made it and who didn't, and you'll see Oliver mourning. You'll definitely see him going through a grieving process."

Sigh. This means that we’ll probably get a general idea of who lived from the start, but the fate of other characters and how they survived or didn't will be dragged on and on week after week via episode cliffhangers – the same network TV formula fans loathe.

So who's alive? We already know Dinah Drake (Black Canary) survived because The CW already teased her new costume. Various promotions suggest Diggle lives. And Deathstroke is definitely alive because he’s one of the characters we will get a flashback story for. Not to mention, he’ll be going on a journey with Oliver to find his son, Joe.

That leaves Quentin Lance, Thea, Felicity, Laurel (Black Siren), Curtis (Mr. Terrific) and Rene (Wild Dog) to be accounted for. From the sound of it, the whereabouts of at least a couple of these characters will remain a mystery.

As far as deaths go, it’s a safe bet either Quentin or Thea are dead or injured. Quentin and Thea both have had less and less screen time over the last season. Felicity is such a big part of Oliver storyline, it’s hard to imagine how the series could move on without her.

Who do you think lives and dies? What do you think of the new flashback format? Let us know in the comments. Arrow returns Oct 12.


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