Apex Legends' System Override Collection Event Launches On March 3

Apex Legends Override Collection Limited Time Event
Apex Legends Override Collection Limited Time Event Apex Store

Apex Legends recently dropped a new trailer for its upcoming System Override Collection event, and it looks absolutely fantastic. Although the trailer itself was under two minutes in length, it showcased some interesting stuff that fans can expect when the event goes live on March 3.

Here's a quick rundown of everything that you can expect in the Apex Legends System Override Collection event:

Legend Skins

The trailer kicks off showcasing some brilliant skins for various Legends including Bangalore, Octane, Gibraltar, Pathfinder, Crypto, Mirage, Caustic, Lifeline and Bloodhound. Although we expect that Wattson, Wraith, and Revenant will also have special skins. Respawn has stuck with a robotic theme for the skins, which has remained as the overall theme for the current Season.


The Override Collection event will introduce a brand new limited-time event called Déjà Loot. The event will feature a single ring pattern per day and permanent loot locations. This means once you know where the golden fully-kitted weapon is located, you can hot drop at the location every time and guarantee the same golden weapon pickup.


The event is going to run for two weeks. The first week of the event will allow you to play on the current World's Edge map and during the second week, you'll be dropping in the iconic Kings Canyon.

New Loot

The Override Collection event is also introducing a new loot item called Evo Shields. These are special shields that aren't available in the base game. When picked up, these shields offer you an extra 50 HP, however once you start dealing damage, the shield automatically levels up to blue, purple, and red versions. Red shields aren't in the game currently and Respawn states that these shields are much stronger than their golden counterparts.

Weapon Skins

Although weapon skins were not showcased explicitly, we do expect some eye candy weapons skins to be introduced with the System Override Collection event. In the trailer, we spotted weapon skins for the Wingman, Triple Take, Hemlok, L-Star, and the Alternator SMG.

Octane Heirloom

Finally, the trailer ends with a tease at what looks like Octane's heirloom. Respawn did not specifically mention that it was the heirloom for Octane, but several data miners were able to dig this information up a few days ago. All those leaks match up with the official tease, suggesting our beloved Speed Demon will be finding his spot in the heirloom kingdom.

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