Apex Legends Releases Minor Update, Continues Working On Other Bugs

Apex Legends: Wattson
Apex Legends: Wattson Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends released an update Tuesday, which fixed some bugs. While it can be considered a rather minor patch, Respawn Community Manager Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette warned players that those who don’t have the patch installed may experience game crashes.

Jayfresh however said that for players who experience crashes, that issue is easliy resolved once the patch is in place.

One bug that the patch fixes is related to healing items not functioning when players use the keybinds for them.

Other fixes that came with the patch include:

  • The following config commands are now enabled:
    • fps_max
    • mat_letterbox_aspect_goal
    • mat_letterbox_aspect_threshold
  • Fixed issue with players not being rewarded with Loss Forgiveness after their teammate left during an Apex Elite match.
    • Also made improvements so that Loss Forgiveness works more consistently in other cases where it wasn’t working correctly.
  • Fixed bug where Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps would damage players through walls.
  • Fixed exploit where you could repeatedly place Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps with no cooldown.
  • Fixed issue with “nerfed” skydiving from a Jump Tower.
  • Resolved a number of localization issues for Xbox and PS4.
  • Fixed issues with items sorting incorrectly when looting a deathbox.
  • Fixed issues related to heavily decreased accuracy when ADS and sliding.
  • Fixed audio bug related to Octane’s Jump Pad.
  • Fixed a number of game logic script errors.

One fix that is limited to the PlayStation 4 is a bug with the in-game reward message not displaying the right image for Playstation Plus subscribers. This was previously shown as an orange and purple checker image instead of the right asset.

Jayfresh revealed in the same Reddit thread with the update that developers are continuing to look into fixing other bugs that players have reported.

Apex Legends launched with an incredible level of hype. Within eight hours, one million unique players had signed on, and within a day that number rose to two million. However, with the rush of new players came a long list of issues as well. Apex Legends had to face a number of bugs and cheating issues, among many others. Despite this, Apex Legends developers have assured players that they continue to work on resolving the many issues that come up.

Apex Legends Season 2 is expected to begin July 2.

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