Latest Apex Legends Bug Involves Supply Ship And An 'Invisible Wall'

Apex Legends Supply Ship
Apex Legends Supply Ship Gamepedia

Apex Legends players have yet again found a new bug. Experiencing bugs in a game is nothing new, but this one marks another problem that Apex Legends players have to face.

This latest glitch was spotted in the Supply Ship, one of the game's favorite landing spots. In the game, the Supply Ship is a mobile hotspot that carries valuable loot. At the beginning of the map, the Supply Ship starts navigating all across the map until it reaches a destination where it lands and remains until the match is done.

In a Reddit post by user wlssilva, a video shows the player standing in a specific spot on the ship, but is unable to shoot at two other players. However, the same two players are able to shoot back at wlissiva. Looking at the video, it appears that the problem is not related to hit registration, though players have long been facing this particular issue.

The best way to describe this latest bug would be that the spot appears to have an "invisible wall." Another user named rjames24000 commended the original poster for finding that particular spot without even seeing other videos that talk about Supply Ship tactics. In particular, rjames24000 added the particular spot detected is an excellent spot for a sniper to be in.

User slyguyomy says that what players need to do is simply jump inside when they reach the spot. Apparently, this wall only block projectiles and bullets and does not prevent any player from jumping inside.

Apex Legends had a successful launch back in February, but has since been plagued with a number of issues. Just this month, two bugs were detected within the span of a week. The first bug appeared to allow players to jump while they are in a downed state. The second bug also concerned the Supply Ship, and has been compared to what players call insta-death bugs.

Another bug that was experienced by a number of players was detected after the release of Patch 1.1.1. Patch 1.1.1 was released by Apex Legends with the goal of giving Gibraltar and Caustic a much needed buff. It was later found out that the damage negation buff wasn't really negated, but instead goes to HP. This bug was acknowledge by the Apex Legends development team who revealed they were working to fix the issue.

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