Apex Legends Season 2 Introduces New Champion With Wattson

Apex Legends Season 2
Apex Legends Season 2 Respawn Entertainment

The upcoming Season 2 of Apex Legends is sure to bring excitement as it introduces its latest champion, Natalie “Wattson” Paquette. Wattson is the 10th hero to enter the Arena.

Wattson is a Static Defender and in the lore, is considered a familiar face in the Apex Games. This is because she is the daughter of the lead electrical engineer in-charge of the Games. She discovered her calling early and studied her father's manuals in order to be close to him. Her talents show a combination of being an electrical engineering and offering strong defense.

Wattson's Tactical Ability is known as Perimeter Security. Here she is able to connect nodes in order to create electrified fences that not only slow down enemies, but damage them as well. Her Passive Ability is dubbed Spark of Genius. Ultimate Accelerants are able to fully charge the Ultimate Ability.

Wattson's Ultimate Ability is called Interception Pylon. Here Wattson can place a maximum of three electrified pylon that can destroy any incoming ordnance while also being able to repair damaged shields. The effects last as long as the Pylon stands. In addition, by simply being near interception pylons, Wattson is able to get a boost on her Tactical Ability recharge.

Apex Legends: L-Star Weapon
Apex Legends: L-Star Weapon Respawn Entertainment

Aside from the new champion, players can expected to find the new L-Star weapon, an energy-based light machine gun. This gun was originally seen in Titanfall games.

Players can expect a new and improved Battle Pass for Season 2. Unlike Season 1, the Season 2 pass is expected to have a more challenge-based approach. Thus, it allows players to experience a faster grind and level their respective Battle Pass faster. Badges and stat trackers are to be removed as well. Instead, players now have a seasonal badge. Since it's a single and evolving badge, it won't take up any of the additional reward slots.

One exciting change that everyone is looking forward to is Crafting. For Season 2, rather than Voice Lines, players instead get Crafting Metal rewards. There is going to be enough rewards for players to craft a Legendary item. Finally, Season 2 also has three Legendary items added to the Battle Pass. This means that a Legendary item is available every 25th level under the premium track.

Apex Legends Season 2 begins July 2.

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