Apex Legends' New Character, Forge, Is Dead!

Forge Dead

A few days ago, Respawn Entertainment revealed the newest Legend in the game, known as Forge. This came as a shock because there were several rumors about a new legend called Revenant. The rumors first surfaced in October of last year, but were put to bed after Forge was introduced, although there was still some hope that Revenant could be the second legend of season 4.

Today, Respawn Entertainment released another “Stories from the Outlands” video where Forge was giving a “live” interview to “Outlands Television”. While he was busy boasting about himself on TV and saying that Hammond Robotics has his back at every turn, the light flickers and next thing you know, he is brutally murdered by Revenant on live TV.

If you look at the Apex Legends website, Forge's name has been replaced with “RIP JIMMIE “FORGE” MCCORMICK Never defeated (except for that one time)” with his picture greyed out. The Apex Legends Twitter account has changed it’s name to Outlands Television with an OTV logo. Respawn also hid a small Easter egg in the game. If you visit the train station in the World’s Edge right now, you can find a Forge death box.

It seems like Forge was never really a Legend to begin with, but was part of a publicity stunt by Respawn. Respawn wanted to take control of the narrative after several data miners leaked the upcoming legend. Respawn project lead Drew McCoy shared his frustrations with leaks on Twitter. It’s quite obvious that the tweets are referring to the leaks about Revenant.

Respawn was able to bamboozle all of us with this bait and switch. Now Revenant will probably be the next legend, although it’s still not confirmed. We can expect developers to make the announcement in the upcoming days.

So what do you think? Are you interested in Revenant? Or were you more excited about Forge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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