Apex Legends' DUMMIEs Big Day Mode Is Hilarious

Apex Legends DUMMIEs Big Day
Apex Legends DUMMIEs Big Day Dexerto

It's almost time for Apex Legends to begin Seaon 4, and wrapping up the enjoyable Grand Soirée Arcade event is the DUMMIEs Big Day limited-time game mode. The game is unique and enormously fun to play. In the DUMMIEs Big Day limited-time event, all Legends are replaced by colorful test dummies. None of these dummies can speak or have any quips. All of them feature Bangalore's character selection animation. Most importantly, these test dummies have unique tactical and ultimate abilities, which we'll get into detail on below.

All dummies have a passive called Good Hustle, which doesn't change the game in any manner. The description of the passive ability reads, "We’re really proud of you, sweetie!" Many players have speculated that the note has something to do with Mirage's mother. One of the Dummies' ultimate abilities also references Mirage's ultimate.

Coming to the tactical ability called Loot Spawner, this allows all dummies to spawn random loot items. Spawned loot items include weapons attachments, ammo, and health items.

All dummies have an ultimate ability called the Panic Button that has three different ultimate variants. One of the variants activates an emergency dancing party, creating several clones like Mirage's hologram, but they also mimic the players' movements. The DUMMIEs Big Day game mode description reads, "the game ain't gonna test itself," which could be a reference toward Mirage's new ultimate.

Another variant of the Dummies' ultimate is "Emergency Area Heal," which heals anybody within the area of effect of the ultimate. The third variant is called an "Emergency Loot Piñata," which drops a number of weapons, armor, and ammo for the player.

Honestly, the DUMMIEs Big Day game mode is an ultimate joy to play with friends and a fun departure from the competitive side of Apex Legends for a while. The mode will be live until January 28 and will close out the Grand Soirée Arcade event.

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