Apex Legends New Character Forge Announced, Season 4 Details Revealed

Apex Legend Season 4
Apex Legend Season 4 RESPAWN

Apex Legend Season 4 is set to launch on February 4 and marks the first anniversary of the game.

Season 4, known as Assimilation, includes many changes for the Battle Royale. A new weapon will be introduced along with an all-new Battle Pass, several Ranked changes will take place, and a new Legend will join the roster. You can check out the Developer Diaries below for a full recap:

The new character, Forge, is an up-close-and-personal brawler who is a five-time Hyper Fighting Federation champion. Writer Tom Casiello described him as the “exact opposite of Crypto.”

"He's got a big personality. He's conquered one world, the MMA world, and now he wants to conquer another one with the Apex games," Casiello said. "He's also the first legend we're introducing who is corporate sponsored. His sponsor is Hammond Robotics. I don't know if Apex Legends people know that, but if you're a Titanfall fan you've heard of it before. Are they good, are they bad? Have to play to find out."


Not much is known about Forge’s Abilities, but we know that they have something to do with his robotic left hand. Data miners like Shrugtal and That1MiningGuy leaked some possible abilities, but do keep it in mind that these are only rumors and actual abilities could differ.

  1. Pull Shot: Short-range grapple that pulls enemies into you or can be used to launch yourself into the air.
  2. Ground Slam: Press crouch while airborne to slam into the ground below.
  3. K.O. Punch: Jump forward in a direction. Press crouch while airborne to slam into the ground below.
  4. One-Two: Bull rush in a straight line. If you hit an enemy along the way, press again to do an upper-cut launching you into the air.
  5. One The Ropes: Enhances your melee to do more damage the lower your health is. Dealing melee damage gives you temporary overshield.
  6. Victory Rush: Killing a player with a melee attack restores your health and gives you a 30 percent speed boost for 10 seconds
Sentinel RESPAWN

In the new season, players will have access to a brand new weapon known as the Sentinel. The weapon is a bolt-action sniper rifle, which means it will have a slow rate of fire, but will carry quite a punch. The only other bolt-action sniper in the game is the legendary Kraber .50-CAL Sniper. The Sentinel will come with one more firing mode where you can charge up your shots, which is very much like the HAVOC Rifle. The charged shot will be difficult to make, but the damage output will make up for it.

Apex Legend
Apex Legend RESPAWN

Ranked mode is getting an overhaul. After a four month long Ranked Series 2, Respawn wants to mix things up. The rank mode will be divided into two splits, and each split will run for six weeks before getting a soft reset. Split 1 will be played on the World’s Edge map and Split 2 back in Kings Canyon. A new tier called Master Tier will be introduced between Diamond and Apex Predator. You can reach Master Tier after crossing the 10,000 RP mark. Apex Predator Tier will become exclusive only to the top 500 players in the world. More details about Ranked Series 3 are available here.

To celebrate a successful first year of Apex Legends, the devs have decided to add a couple of rewards for the players. Anyone who logs on from Feb 4 to Feb 11 will receive an Anniversary Gift that includes:

  • Year 1 Origami Flyer charm
  • Year 1 Loyalty badge
  • 10k XP for your first match of the day (available each day)

As mentioned before, Kings Canyon is also making a grand return into the game. If you don’t want to wait for the new season to drop, you can play the night version of Kings Canyon right now as it is a part of the Grand Soirée Arcade Event. You can check out the full details about Apex Legends Season 4 on EA’s website.

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