ANVIL: Players Have New Melee Weapons to Play With in Latest Update

August 2 Update
August 2 Update Twitter/@ANVIL_ACTION2

Are you the type who wants to get up close and personal with the enemy? More specifically, do you love using melee weapons more than guns? If so, you’ll love the latest update for the top-down roguelike action shooter ANVIL.

Five new melee weapons have been added in the latest update. The first is the Jet Axe which, as the name implies, is an ax that comes with a jet thruster. Because of this, you can swing this thing with incredible force, but only usable by the Guillotine, Mountain, Rush, Toast, and Quake classes, with the first two being able to unlock the ax early and use it as a starting weapon.

The next weapon on the list is the Vault Hammer. It is unique because it can switch forms, unlike other hammers in ANVIL. The same classes mentioned above can wield this weapon without a problem.

If you prefer using the Jungler, Sandman, Lightning, Liner, and Draken classes, there are new blades that might interest you as well. The Saw Edge is a terrifying blade that has saw-like edges. Striking an enemy 10 times can inflict bleeding.

If that’s not your thing and you like to cause electrifying pain to your foes, the Electro Edge is a good option. This unique blade has extremely high voltage coursing through it, inflicting shock to enemies who are unlucky to be at the receiving end. Just like the Saw Edge, slashing your foes with this weapon 10 times inflicts a negative status effect.

As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. If you want a weapon that can strike hard and leave your foes dead quickly, the Venom Edge is a strong contender. A blade coated with a poisonous substance, this weapon inflicts poison after, you guessed it, hitting the enemy 10 times.

The latest update for ANVIL also implements improvements and bug fixes. You can read some of them below:

  • UI improvements made within the game
    • Game lobby UI improved
    • UI for managing weapons and relics in the Season Challenge lobby improved
  • Desert and Jungle map environment effects improved
  • A stricter system to remove cheaters has been set in place
    • As we announced in our official Discord and Twitter, those players using 3rd party programs and manipulating game data will be warned and can be removed from gameplay
  • Breaker soaring to the sky in the desert 3x3 battle worker map has been fixed
  • Battle workers attacking each other and merging when a breaker uses teleport while battle workers are far away has been fixed
  • When status effect duration increase is applied, the number of times it takes to reach status immunity changing to 7 instead of 5 has been fixed
  • Skill damage and effect not being applied in multiplayer mode has been fixed

ANVIL August 2 Update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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