ANVIL: Introduces the Season Challenge Mode in Season 1 Update

Season 1 Update
Season 1 Update Steam

The Season 1 Update for the rogue-like action shooter ANVIL is now available. This content patch introduces the Season Challenge mode, where you can choose the difficulty level, as well as the opponents you want to fight.

This new game mode consists of 10 planet selections. The difficulty level increases gradually, though the bigger the challenge, the better the final reward will be. The rewards can be redeemed by heading to the Season Challenge menu (Galaxy > Season Challenge).

You also can change weapon effects. Coins are consumed whenever you modify your arsenal and the cost of doing so increases gradually. However, the cost resets when the current planet is cleared.

Aside from getting exciting rewards, a badge will be pinned next to your ID and it will indicate the last challenge level you’ve cleared. The badge shines brighter as you complete the more difficult levels.

If you’re ok with spending some money, you can purchase the new premium season pass. It contains 100 ranks and they are now easier to achieve compared to what was available in the preseason. It’s also worth mentioning that the premium pass comes with the V2 Toy Worker, which has the Medic V2 and Hive V2 skills.

Update Highlights

  • New: Breaker Quake
    • You can purchase using 1,000 Crons
    • Can also be unlocked through the season challenge reward
  • 4 new bosses have been added and will appear in existing galaxies (Symphonia, Campanella Extreme) and Season Challenge mode
  • 6 powerful weapons that apply status effects have been added
    • You can check the new weapons in Lobby> Data
  • New appearance changing skins added
    • Special skins that greatly change the appearance of breakers have been added
    • New skins can be acquired through the Season Pass or through Crons
  • Breaker Points (BP) added
    • BP can be acquired through the Season Pass or Season Challenge rewards
    • BP will be used to upgrade Breaker suits in the future
    • In this season, BP can be used to change starting weapons or starting skill upgrades
  • Ultrawide monitor support
    • Changes have been made for smooth ultrawide monitor support
    • The support is turned on by default and can be turned off in option>graphics
  • Defensive relics are no longer available
    • The defensive relics already replicated by players will remain. You can still equip these relics
    • New players will have a chance to acquire relics that are no longer available through events
  • One-shot Prevention buff has been added to all Breakers
    • Breakers will become invulnerable for 5 seconds when HP falls lower than 10% (3-minute cooldown)
    • This will block attacks that make health go below 0 (Although it triggers once every 3 minutes)

The full patch notes can be found on ANVIL’s official Steam page.

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