ANVIL: January Update Applies Galaxy Difficulty Diversification


ANVIL is an isometric shooter where you take on the role of a Vault Breaker. You are assigned to search for alien artifacts inside places called Vaults. But be warned - these areas are riddled with enemies.

The game just got an update that implements difficulty diversification for the Czerny and Campanella galaxies.

Difficulty Diversification

First of all, the devs have added the Czerny practice mode so that newcomers can enjoy ANVIL in a more forgiving and friendlier environment. Here, the difficulty is greatly reduced to help you understand the game fundamentals without too much of a hassle. You are also given some gold to start with, so you can create your preferred builds easily. Keep in mind that the Czerny practice mode is available in single-player mode only.

Aside from that, the Campanella galaxy has its difficulty level set to Extreme - the game’s highest - by default. The normal and hard difficulties have been added as well. You should know that the fourth relic spot will be opened once you’ve completed this galaxy on normal. The devs are hoping that you'll take advantage of this, so you can clear the higher difficulties more easily.

You can learn more about this on the game’s official Steam page.

Update Highlights

Czerny Practice (Single-player)
  • No alert level monsters appear
  • Difficulty level decreased by 25% overall
  • 150 starting gold added
  • Clearing the practice mode will not open Symphonia or the 2nd relic slot
  • Relic replication percentage is the same, but only 50% of VP earned compared to Czerny normal mode
Campanella Hard (3 People)
  • Difficulty level decreased by 10% overall compared to previous Campanella
  • Relic replication percentage is the same, but VP earned increased by 25% compared to Campanella Normal
Campanella Extreme (3 People)
  • Consists of 9 planets
  • Random boss monster spawn besides fixed boss monsters stages
  • Players start with 500 gold
  • While other stats are equal to the previous Campanella mode, monsters have 30% faster attack speed and movement speed
  • Players can now cancel Breaker skill using dash, shield, teleport, etc.
  • Players can use survival skills (dash, shield, teleport, etc.) when silenced
  • Fighter type Breakers no longer have a cooldown for shields
    • Players can now use shields immediately
  • Status effect (freeze, burn, etc.) on bosses now shown under the boss health bar
    • Status effect icon images change for more visibility
    • Status effects blink for 3 seconds prior to removal
  • Boss base resistance changed from 50% to 0%
    • Ex. Previously, freeze lasted 5 seconds on normal monsters and 2.5 seconds on boss monsters
    • After the change, boss monsters are also frozen for 5 seconds
  • Improved alert level so that visual effect does not hinder battle visibility
  • Added screen shake control in settings
  • Physical attack effect added to all monsters

ANVIL January update is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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