ALICE Fiction: 500,000 Players Have Pre-registered

Good pre-registration results.
Good pre-registration results. WonderPlanet

It seems that interest is high for the upcoming mobile game ALICE Fiction. That's because 500,000 players have signed up for pre-registration. Considering that it only started early this month, it's a good number. In celebration, all users are going to receive 20 gacha draws worth of Quartz once the game is officially released.

Here are the milestones and the corresponding rewards:

  • 50,000 users (accomplished)
    • Rewards: 300 Quartz
  • 100,000 users (accomplished)
    • Rewards: 300 Quartz
  • 150,000 users (accomplished)
    • Rewards: 500 Quartz
  • 200,000 users (accomplished)
    • Rewards: 500 Quartz
  • 300,000 users (accomplished)
    • Rewards: 600 Quartz
  • 400,000 users (accomplished)
    • Rewards: 800 Quartz
  • 500,000 users (accomplished)
    • Rewards: 3,000 Quartz
  • 600,000 users
    • Rewards: 1,000 Quartz
  • 700,000 users
    • Rewards: 1,000 Quartz
  • 800,000 users
    • Rewards: 1,000 Quartz

Twitter Campaign

There's also a promotional campaign ongoing where 500 participants have the chance to win an Amazon gift code worth $5. To join, simply follow the official Twitter account here and retweet the campaign tweet. Not all players can join though since the promotion is limited to those in the US. Other eligibility requirements are:

  • Must agree with the terms of the campaign.
  • Must have a Twitter account, and the account cannot be private.
  • Must be following the official ALICE Fiction Twitter account.

The Story

In the game, players take on the role of a protagonist who has logged in to The Metaverse of ALICE for the very first time. However, a mysterious error occurred during the process. They successfully reached ALICE despite the error but are told that they have lost all memories of their past.

As you go on a journey to learn more about what happened, you'll meet a lot of people like Folklores. You'll also start to discover the problems and the truth behind ALICE.

Game Features

  • Absolutely refreshing and easy-to-play high-speed puzzle battle:
    • The rules are simple. Break as many panels as possible within the time limit and unleash a big blow on the enemy.
    • Breaking 3 or more panels at once allows you to do an exhilarating special attack.
  • ​Main aspects:
    • Many fascinating characters.
    • Original Japanese voiced stories that take place in a metaverse.
    • Exciting experience with EDM sounds.
    • Compete with friends through versus mode and claim the crown.
    • Every character is able to upgrade to the highest rarity.
    • Enjoy the collaborations with illustrators from all over the world.
  • Theme song
    • FantasticYouth “Unreality Escape”

ALICE Fiction is set to be released on Android and iOS.

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