Chimeraland: Pre-Registration Now Open for North America and Europe

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Pre-registration for Chimeraland is now open for players in North America and Europe. This follows a successful closed beta test held in May of this year. This free-to-play open-world sandbox adventure game is coming out this summer on PC, Android, and iOS.

The game takes inspiration from various legends and brings players to a prehistoric mythical world where fantastical beasts are alive and roaming the land, sea, and air. Players are tasked with capturing and taming these creatures. Once they do, the creatures can be transformed through the “evolution and devour” mechanic.

What happens is when a player’s creature devours a rival chimera, there is a chance to graft one of that creature’s body parts on the creature owned by the player. The combinations are not just wild but also exciting. The customization isn’t limited to creatures since players can also create their own characters.

Players able to pre-register get one of many exclusive props that give them an advantage when the game officially launches this summer. There are also the usual rewards given for reaching pre-registration milestones. You can view the status of the milestones here.

The key features of Chimeraland include:

  • Expansive Open World
    • Players can roam wild in the 1,000 square-kilometer world.
  • Transform a Mystical Wilderness
    • Build a dream world anywhere, be it on land, sea, or sky.
  • Customizable Experience
    • With countless different looks, a player can be whoever they want to be.
  • One-of-A-Kind Beasts
    • Any beast can become a player’s pet.
    • The unique system of “devouring” and “evolving” gives pets characteristics, shapes, and abilities.
  • Versatile Weapons for Better Combat
    • Charge fearlessly into battle with a wide range of weapons that can be switched at will.

Meet the Creatures

Some of the beasts that players can encounter in the game are:

  • Drune
    • This big fish lives in the far north of the deep sea.
    • It's thousands of miles long and swims 3,000 miles.
    • It can be changed into a big bird called peng.
  • Sparrodact
    • A legendary bird resembling a chicken but has a white head, rat feet, and tiger claws.
  • ​Ninetail Fox
    • The mythical beast that lives in Greenhill.
    • Good at metamorphosis and can take human and other animal forms.
  • Bone Dragon
    • It has a head like a dragon, bat-like wings, and a long and powerful tail.
  • Nian
    • This divine beast lives on the Kunlun hill.
    • The body and claws are like a tiger, a face like a human, and nine tails.
  • Avian Wyrm
    • A flying snake with four wings.

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