Against the Storm "Quality of Life" Update Has a Ton of Noteworthy Features

Quality of Life Update Eremite Games

The roguelite city-builder Against the Storm has received quite a lot of improvements, courtesy of the aptly named Quality of Life update.

One of the most notable additions is the Building Shortcuts, a feature that lets you select a building for construction with a single press of a button. While there are already buildings on the list by default, you can tweak this list to your liking. You can even set your preferred keybinds as well. There are only 10 building shortcut slots right now, but if there's enough public clamor, the developers might add more in the future.

Building Shortcuts Eremite Games

Another usability feature in the Quality of Life update is a new button on the HUD (located next to the hostility meter and denoted by a wooden crate) that lets you unassign all woodcutters just by left-clicking on it. Alternatively, you can assign one new woodcutter by right-clicking the same button.

Unassign All Woodcutters Eremite Games

You can read the other new quality-of-life features below:

  • Added a summary of Citadel Upgrades to the Citadel UI (in the Game History view).
    • The summary lists all numerical increases from the upgrade tree (like Embarkation Points, Caravan Slots, Building Storage, etc.)
    • The summary only shows bonuses, without the base value (because base values might change depending on the game type, modifiers, etc.)
  • Notifications on the HUD can now be closed with right-click.
  • Please keep in mind that there are still a few "state alerts" (notifications without an "x" symbol next to them, informing about potentially devastating issues in the settlement), and these are still non-dismissible (they only disappear when a threatening state is over).
  • Added a tooltip when hovering over the "x" button above ingredients in a building's internal storage (stating that they will be returned to the main storage if the button is clicked).
  • Hovering over a species in the Embark View will now list its needs in the tooltip.
  • Added a progress bar to the worker overlay (ALT by default) for glade events that are being worked on.
  • Added the option to set an automatic pause right before a trader leaves the town.
  • Changed the way some perks and service building effects work (The Crown Chronicles, The Guild's Welfare, Vitality, Prosperous Settlement). They no longer add Resolve in the form of a new effect on the perk HUD (for example as a stack of the Wealth effect), but instead show gains in their tooltip.
  • Resource tooltips will no longer list rebuilt haunted ruins. This change was made to reduce unnecessary clutter, as haunted buildings have the same recipes as their regular counterparts.
  • Game stats (games won, lost, etc.) were moved to the new Game History tab.

Against the Storm Quality of Life update is available on PC.

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