Against the Storm: Fishman Soothsayer Brings Something Valuable to Players

Fishman Soothsayer Update Eremite Games

A new major patch is now available for the dark fantasy city-builder Against the Storm. The Fishman Soothsayer update introduced a new Glade Event where players can interact with the titular soothsayer.

The mysterious soothsayer offers players the unique Airbender perk as a reward. This new perk increases the Hostility Threshold for all negative Forest Mysteries.

To understand how Airbender works, players must learn about a couple of the game's mechanics. Hostility in Against the Storm increases the difficulty multiplier of the game. The Hostility Level rises when players do certain things, such as increasing the number of villagers, opening glades, and taking specific Cornerstones, among others. Conversely, the hostility level is reduced when there's a decrease in villagers, adding an extra Hearth, etc.

Fishman Soothsayer Eremite Games

Forest Mysteries, on the other hand, are modifiers that influence a variety of things. Negative Forest Mysteries, in particular, are only active during storms. One example of a negative forest mystery is Looming Darkness, which reduces global resolve by four per hostility level.

Anyway, Airbender just makes it so that players are given enough time to deal with negative forest mysteries before they become active. For instance, Looming Darkness now activates at Hostility level one instead of zero.

To get this perk, players must look for the Fishman Soothsayer first at the Forbidden Glades. Interacting with the wandering fortune teller presents them with two options: Foretell or Capture. Choose the second option and defeat the Fishman Soothsayer.

Fishman Soothsayer Eremite Games

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Foxes not being drawn for Daily Expeditions.
  • Fixed a bug with the Like a Machine Deed not resetting progress between games.
  • Fixed a bug with the Woodpecker Technique Cornerstone incorrectly giving Insects for cutdown trees in Drizzle and Clearance.
  • Fixed a bug with the Destroyed Cage of the War Beast glade event showing an incorrect Impatience prompt.
  • Fixed a bug with an empty worker overlay being visible above traders found in glades when holding Alt.
  • Fixed a bug with some glade events having incorrect animations tied to the "burn down" decision.
  • Fixed an issue with Grain and Herbs being considered "food" by some effects (like food removal penalties, etc.).
  • Fixed an issue with the game sometimes freezing when quitting it.
  • Fixed a bug with the Basic Housing need status not updating right away when removing houses.
  • Fixed a bug with the recipe overlay (CTRL) sometimes not working correctly.
  • Fixed an out-of-place floating shoulder piece in multiple Fox animations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect value changes when using Shift and left-click on the arrow buttons.
  • Fixed an issue with the total game time statistic counting time too fast.
  • Fixed a bug with Dangerous and Forbidden Glade warnings covering up species' passive effect markers.
  • Fixed a bug with pathfinding breaking sometimes when trying to build a road on terrain where an event exploded previously.

Against the Storm Fishman Soothsayer update is available on PC.

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